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An old favourite now autumn has arrived

I know when the seasons change in Melbourne because I can wear this dress again. It's kind of perfect in autumn, but I can wear it with tights and a coat in winter too.
Day light saving has just finished here and it's already much darker earlier now- I got a shock when I exited DFO this afternoon and it was dusk at 6pm.
I was featured on tonight's episode of A Current Affair for a segment they did on op-shopping. If anyone out there knows where I can pick up episodes online I would love to post it on here so you can all watch it. Failing that I might try and record it from my TV with my camera or something.
Thanks for you comments on my previous post about thank-you notes, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it. If there are any other etiquette related questions you might have just send them my way!



MaiStar said...

Lady M, saw that very segment on ACA tonight! Was hoping you'll be featured a bit more going into the op shops and finding bargains.

Monica said...
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festival road said...

Nice work Phoebe! Glad to see that you didn't give away secrets on specific op shop gold mines:) xx ☀☀ said...

I love this dress!

xx Alex

Jessica said...

Hi Lady M, just wondering...when you shoot your video, do you just use a camera? or something else? Thanks!

stylestalker said...

Great shots with that natural light babe.
And we love the colours in your dress!

Congrats with all of your recent sucess too! Doing Aussie's proud :)