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Adelaide Girls Know It.

I have just spent Easter in Adelaide and I don't care what you say- Adelaide girls have a distinct and unique style. Although this diary is all about Melbourne, I simply couldn't go past showcasing the amazing style I found on the streets everywhere from Rundle Mall to Oak Bank Racing Carnival. The girls I found were fashionable, passionate and most of all stylish, they definitely impressed Lady Melbourne that’s for sure.

Club House Lane Boutique
Part of the purpose of Lady Melbourne is to find absolute treasures, gems and unusual shops that you won't always find walking down the main street. I really felt as though I'd hit the jackpot with this beautiful shop, tucked away in Croydon just outside the city centre. Shop owners Georgie and Kelly tell me they are beginning to find a loyal following of Adelaide girls rocking up by the Corolla full to seek out their mix of Australian, overseas designers and hand selected vintage. You can also find custom and hand made shoes, accessories, vintage furniture and soon to be added local art work. Go and take a look if not for curiosities sake, you will not be able to leave empty handed I guarantee. Love it.

Co-owner and super chic Kelly

Handmade shoes and boots from Adelaide lable 'Kelly.' I couldn't go past a pair- so comfortable- and Kelly was patient enough to help me select from her unique and beautiful range of leather available.

Found these stylish gals shopping and couldn't help get some snaps:

Annabel, 22(left) and Jade, 22(right):
dress: salvos
jacket: target
bag: ebay
shoes: salvos
'My favourite piece of clothing is a cropped navy jacket with shoulder pads from the Salvos. I love 80's style and fashion.'

skirt: opp shop
earrings: shitty shop
shoe: novo
'I love my $10 slouch boots from the Salvos. One of my favorite designers is Jayson Brundson, and my style is definitely influenced by the 50's and 60's.'
Emma, 22:
shoes: novo
bag: natasha
necklace: red jade, from a friends mum
glasses: vintage christian dior
'My style is thrown together.'

Hype and Seek Furniture
Shop Loved this treasure of a shop because it's basically all the things you see at garage sales, flea markets and vinnies, want to buy but ask yourself what you'd really do with it once home...Dexter and his partner have created a shop from that concept but refined it with simply the best and most authentic retro furniture and ornaments you could imagine. Autumn scene wall paper to cover your dining room wall with? No problem. I loved it, loved it, loved it.
Shop owner and avid collector, Dexter

curious objects

dress: cue
belt: cue
bag: chloe
shoes: chloe
bracelet: mums
'I don't really have a favourite piece of clothing, I like everything I have.
My style inspiration comes from magazines and my parents.'

Ula, 22:
t-shirt: zara
rest of outfit: overseas
glasses: chanel
bag: gucci
'I love Zara and Louis Vuitton.'

Girl Anon, Marion:
coat: china
boots: japan
'I like Japanese style and Japanese labels.'


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