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Gemology for Shoes

I found these adorable shoes today in one of the best Asian import shops I've been into on Smith St. Despite the uninspiring name ('HDL International' doesn't have the same ring as 'Hot Potatoes' my other favorite) there were so many curious and delightful things that I spent a good 45 mins rummaging around. I left with these, and only $8 poorer.



Linda said...

hi, i was wondering if you could give me the address to this store?

I would love to drop by it sometime...your shoes are funky!

Ann O'Dyne said...

Good Shopping!
They look great for the price.

I am really enjoying reading all your post (I have worked my way down from your newest one).
Ther'es a Geelong girl with a fashion blog that's good - you might enjoy hers: SassyBella


natiib said...

This shoes are great.I wish I lived in Melbourne ;)