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This is about as boho as I get, albeit with a satin shirt!
Oh well, a nice attempt I think.
Shirt from Carla Zampatti, jeans Evie from London, boots eBay



A dreamer said...

well i'd say its more pirate chic than boho.

Lady Melbourne said...

Well thank you a dreamer, I wasn't sure quite how to define it!

Anonymous said...

i tagged you sweetheart, check out my page for details....
shoesmendhearts x

bowerbird said...

Oh, Love the cute boots. I only wish my legs were long enough to wear a pair!
A pleasure to stumble upon your lovely blog

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Lovely lace detailing at the cuff. It is so nice to see what others are wearing here in Melbourne with our crazy weather. Delightful blog.

Princess of many sorts said...

The boots looks amazing:)