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Designers for Target: Collette Dinnigan

I don't believe this range was as hyped up as say the frenzy that surrounded the Stella McCartney launch, or the Zac Posen collection that was only released here a couple of weeks ago. But it can't go without notice because its one of Targets best quality Designers for Target ranges released yet, and it is of course bought to us courtesy of one of Australia's most prominent designers.
I was quite amazed that I could actually get my hands on some of it, truly expecting to arrive at Target and see empty racks and the odd, forlorn 16C sitting all alone waiting for someone to claim it.
For my darling overseas readers, I have included pictures from the D.F.T website so you you can discover how lucky we are to get someone like Collette Dinnigan on board, and I truly hope that Australian women embrace this range. It is always thrilling to see Australian designers made accessible to those of us that don't have the budget for exclusive designer clothes, but obviously have an eye for detail and quality.
I would love to hear what you think of the range and if you've bought any.


1 comment:

olivegrey said...

I am so super annoyed because the website said they don't have my size bra. I must be a freakish size or something. I think they look beautiful and I LOVE designers for Target. I hope it continues forever.