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I'm not really sure about this one....

This is actually a skirt but I'm wearing it as a dress. Its by an iconic Aussie budget label called Katies, you could find one in every suburban shopping centre in the 80's. I think it has folded now but please correct me if I am wrong. Its great as a pencil skirt but I'm wondering if its too 'busy' so I've tried it as a dress.
Still getting used to colour so there has to be some monochrome in there or I can't leave the house.
Coat is from La Femme Boutique, skirt worn as dress Katies from Savers, shoes Zola, belt Camden markets, necklace vintage Chanel, bag vintage Hermes from my mum.



Mica said...

Wow, great outfit! I think you put it all together really well!

The skirt looks amazing as a dress, and the jacket and bag go so well :)

Can I also just say how insanely jealous I am you are holding a Hermes?! I think if I could even brush against one I'd be happy! :P

On Track said...

I love it, it looks like that skirt was born to be a dress :D This is such a cute vibrant outfit

Anonymous said...

katies is definitely still open

i love the outfit, i don't think it's too busy at all!

kpriss said...

now now, you should be absolutely certain about this number! It's glorious! And don't let me start on the Hermes thing! Such a lucky one! (i would, in fact, hate to enroll the waiting lists over at hermes, but I wouldn't mind if one bag just hit me out of the sky one day :D)

Anonymous said...

this is not a real birkin!