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Dear Lady Melbourne,
It was my friend's birthday on Monday just passed and I have her present for
her, but I didn't bring it last night when we met up because I was
expecting to meet with a different friend. So I didn't mention it, but I
do have a present. Also, I can only make it to the end of her birthday party on Saturday and don’t think that bringing the present then would really be appropriate.
What should I do? Should I spring it on her randomly at some other stage? Are late presents really, really bad (well, it's already late, but later than the party even)? Should I make a coffee date with her to give her her present?
From, Late Gift Giver

Dear Late Gift Giver,
I wouldn’t get too worked up over this, although being late whether it’s for a lunch, a date or the movies is never polite, in this situation I suppose it all depends on how late.
I would propose that you make a coffee date with her and make sure she gets the gift inside a week of her birthday. Anything over that and its obvious that you are just well, late!
You could also try mentioning it in your birthday card to her, put in a little note to let her know that something is on the way. Just make sure that you come through with the present because otherwise it just reflects poorly on you, and that would require another column.


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