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Dear Lady Melbourne,
I sent a good friend of mine a birthday gift in the mail, and until today hadn’t heard a peep out of them.
I gingerly rang to see if it had even arrived, and was told, ‘Thank you, it has, love it!’
I was glad that my friend liked the gift, but was confused that they didn’t think to thank me, or even acknowledge the gift in the first place.
Was a text to much to ask?
Disappointed, Melbourne

Dear Disappointed,
Well let me start off by saying that I’m disappointed too and I don’t even know your friend. I suppose we can all get over the fact that no one RSVP’s anymore, but thanking someone is really in a different sphere of the etiquette realm.
While I would love to tell you a text would suffice(it won’t), I don’t believe picking up the phone to tell you how much they enjoyed your thoughtful gift would have been too much of a strain. A note in the mail would be even more thoughtful(note dear readers that personalized stationary is a must), but I suspect that as your friend is telephonically challenged, you would be better off spending your money and postage on martinis in the future. For you that is.