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Perfect Blend

This is one of the scarves I picked up on the weekend, don't you just love it? It's pure silk and I'm having so much fun wearing it, it goes with absolutely everything.

Scarf: Vintage from Episode
Bag: 'Alma' bag, Amorni
Tux jacket: Tina Kalivas
Jeans: Evie
Shoes: Payless(can you believe it?!)
Top: Christopher Ari from a little Asian shop in a little arcade in the big smoke
Pearls: I made them



lulki said...

im actually going shopping tomorrow in an attempt to find even a small percentage of the wonderful treasures you come across!! fingers crossed :)

Jelenie said...

Just found your blog - love it! And I like the look of that black bag - am looking for a similar black one for work. Pity I'm not in Melbourne. ;-)

A dreamer said...

thats a wonderful scarf. it looks so soft. the softness pretty much radiates out of the pic. hehe

Auntie Tati said...

I love everything black and white! There used to be times I wore black and white clothes all the time, but now I have come over it. But it's still one of my favourite color combinations anyway...

Your pearls are wonderful!

Mica said...

Oh, I love the scarf and how it fits in with the rest of your outfit :)

I really like tying scarves to my bags, but I need a bigger scarf colelction I think.