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Dear Readers, here I go again presenting you with yet another cream/white/off white and black outfit but I simply can't help myself. At least I've accessorised in almost every possible way and as you all know I love accessories!
I adore this fur and as it's now officially cold, and one could say officially winter(well not technically but don't tell Mother Nature) I am getting a chance to wear it.

I don't think I can put this as eloquently as Rumi from Fashion Toast, so I will paraphrase here, but you can see her post in in entirety here:

'I know that people are really sensitive in regards to the topic of fur and just want to make it clear that I would never buy a new fur coat that supported modern fur industries, but I do think that when it comes to vintage it's more of a gray area and you're kind of just using something that would lay around unused otherwise. So vintage fur is a yes for me but I know that people have all kinds of different viewpoints and explanations for them, which I completely respect.'

Like her post that attracted many reactions I welcome yours as well and certainly do not intend to offend any of my readers out there.

Shirt: Vintage
Jeans: Evie
Wedges: Nine West
Bag: 'Alma' bag from Amorni
Vest: Valley Girl
Jewellery: I made it
Fur: Savers



stilettostetico said...

YES, a Real "Lady's Style" !!! a subtle mix of Timeless CHIC and casual creativity , with evanescent mischievous effluents . . .
"High-CLASS Fashionista" !!!

Cordially "from France", Antoine

vogued out!!! said...

very classy outfit and love those wedges

fashion Chalet said...

Wow! I love those shoes, super cute/wicked! :)

A dreamer said...

mhmm i'm not into fur. but i'm glad you've stated your reasons and everything. it does make sense to use old fur...

On Track said...

Very chic, I love your simplicity in colours, sometimes that can be so effective :) Lovely style again

bowerbird said...

Very Chic. Very Melbourne!

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit, so lady and nice !

Princess of many sorts said...

Hi LM:)
Love this look on you:)
Hi from Norway - SP