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Lady Melbourne has a new home!

You should automatically be redirected to my new site in just a few seconds:



There will be some changes happening over the next few days to the look of the blog, so don't be alarmed if you visit and everything looks like that woman in the office who went to 'Thailand' for a 'holiday' and came back looking incredibly 'refreshed.' They are just minor cosmetic changes, everything else is business as usual.
The website is now working so if you can't remember ladymelbourne.blogspot.blah.blah then just type in:
and oi la!
I welcome your feed back.



valerienicola said...

I've been reading your blog for about 2 weeks now; I have to say, I really love your style! One note on the new format: the font is really difficult to read at that size.

A dreamer said...

i wholly approve of your facelift.

Anonymous said...

This font looks better if you have the larger spacing. :)
The colors and layout look great though.