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A little leopard told me...

For regular readers, you will know by now that my life on a day to day basis is really just one big shopping trip. I shop all the time, even when I don't intend to, because I'm obsessed with detail and finding curious and beautiful things at bargain prices.As well as that, I have been asked whether everything I post is true. Whether you believe that the tea cups featured are from my Great Aunt Una, or that I've bought Max Mara, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren (to name a few) from charity shops, or whether or not my hair really is a/real or b/ naturally this straight(it is), is something you have to decide for yourselves.

So here is the story behind this wonderful, leopard print coat gentle readers, I hope you enjoy the tale as much as I do telling it.

Shopping at a suburban shopping centre one day, I made my usual visit to Target. After doing a few laps I was about to leave empty handed when my mum spotted the leopard print across the floor.
In the plus size section.
The smallest size was a 14 so I tried it on and although it was a little baggier in places than would normally please me, we decided that if I wore it a la a 1920's movie star, sort of wrapped around me, then I could pull it off. Fully lined and in a soft pony hair feel, I stood in the middle of Target, channeling Clara Bow to the amusement (always to the amusement) of the other shoppers.
The price tag was $89 but when we got to the register is was discounted to $49, so basically I found this gem in the suburbs, in a generic department store, for $49. It's true.

Coat: Target
Tights: Wicked
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Jewellery: I made it myself



Dotti said...

You lucky little kitty cat.

Auntie Tati said...

Your coat looks very classy and stylish, and what an amazing luck you had when purchasing it!

I have been looking for a leopard coat, but haven't still found the one for me. I think the problem with leopard print is, that it easily looks a bit cheap and trashy.

Anonymous said...

auntie tati, I got to agree with you when you say that leopard print looks cheap and trashy sometimes - but I think it all depends on the person wearing it and how polished the rest of the outfit is.

jesska said...

Fabulous find! Great blog too, I'm new to the blogging world & have you bookmarked - I'm inspired to hit up some op shops very soon... thank you!


A dreamer said...

reowww. i love it how you can sometimes get unexpected discounts.
i'm usually not into the leopard print etc but you wear it beautifully.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

That must have been one special Target! I've never seen anything like it in their stores. Such a find will have you walking on air for days.

Anonymous said...

love the new look lady melbourne..
lulki xx

Times of Glory said...

I cannot believe this stunning coat priced this low! You are really lucky, since it is not only good price, but also very YOU, and you look brilliant :)