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So it seems that people out there are discovering what Lady Melbourne is all about which is just thrilling for me, because as many of you know who read this, blogging can be quite introspective and you live in a sort of bubble of what you like and love.
Thank you for the links, I have tried to reciprocate where I can. The latest comes from yet another German blog, Dottis's Dots. There must be something strangely similar in German and Australian style because I admire these girls so much. I have tagged Silje's because I know she kindly visits these pages.

This portrait is from the series that Woody took, desperately trying not to post too much before the column arrives but as I don't have an outfit for today I thought I would share this with you.

Shirt: Vintage Lady Pelaco from Salvos.



Kira Fashion said...


you are really a lady! i love your posh style, the best i even seen on a non celebs!
love all that post here, the shoes, clothes, acessories, jewels!

you are already in my favs, add me too if you like ;)

a kiss and a hug,
see you,

Ragamala said...

that girl is so demure yet fabulous.

On Track said...

What a beautiful photo, I am in love with this whole look, the blunt fringe, the white frilly shirt, its perfect :)

A dreamer said...

thats a beautiful picture. aww that blouse is so pretty it hurts.

vogued out!!! said...

Aww you look so adorable and feminine. I love the blouse, what did you wear it with.

Dotti said...

What a beauty this picture is... Want more, more, more.