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Curious Objects...again

MOR Fruits of Conucopia body milk. Truly I bought it for the packaging but it is amazing on the skin, the fragrance is just divine. Website is super slick as well, for all of you international readers you can buy online.
Cherry brooch from a non-descript little Asian store in the Causeway between Collins and Flinders Lane. Amongst many gaudy, flashy brooches this little gem was waiting for me.
Faceted brooch is vintage.

What do you think Cashmere smells like? What ever the people at Dickens & Hawthorne have put in this I think it's spot on, such a subtle and soft scent.



kater said...

Ahh! I love packaging! I really like the box of the cashmere stuff, I want to touch it!

Auntie Tati said...

Oh the cherry brooch is sooo sweet! I think there is a danger that one might mistake it for a candy :D

karen said...

Hahaha, I know that Asian store too well. When all the shops close, the window calls like a shiny gem-encrusted beacon in the dark. Nice find!