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Raining and Pouring

I don't think that one should ever use the weather as an excuse not to go out (simply as an excuse to accessorise more) should it be raining continuously as it was here today in Melbourne.
I do have a head as you all know, I just didn't manage to get it into this picture!

Boots: eBay
Wool/Alpaca dress: Target
Trench: Zara
Gloves: Sea Jewels Boutique
Scarf: Episode

p.s- I shopped as usual and have the most amazing dress from target to show you with a beautiful swallow print in of course, black and white.



Te said...

Oh yes, the weather was dreadful today. The city was especially miserable with all the people sheltering from the rain and the tram works going on. You handled the day much more stylishly that I did.

Dotti said...

Madame, seems like the wheather is just the same at the other end of the world. So it comes that I also posted my rainy day outfit today, which is definately not as classy as yours. :(

Kira Fashion said...

i agree with you, going out on rain is pure fan! i love!
specially bacause it´s an opportunity to wear my boots and coats, i live in brazil and out weather is so alike!

a kiss!

A dreamer said...

i can't believed it rained for so long. Well we desperately need some rain anyway.
I agree, you shouldnt have to stay in on a rainy day. I went out to eat duck. yumm
that outfit is the most stylish way to keep warm ...and dry!.
now all you need is a cute umbrella.

Imelda Matt said...

Even in the pits of hell and I'd encourage more accessories!