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Right on Target

So here it is, the $49 swallow print dress from Target, amazing don't you agree?

Dress: Target
Shoes: Zomp
Jacket: Ladahk
Bag: Geya in Flinders Lane
Jewellery: hand made by me



Vendredi 13 said...

Love the dress indeed and definitely love the shoes!!!

kpriss said...

Every time I pass, I find a pair of shoes to die for! How do you always manage to meet my exact tastes, I have no clue!

The Seeker said...

I just found you through Imelda Matt, and I'm loving it.
So I'll be back.

Love all your outfit.

Feel free to visit me.

And I would be very flatered if you would like to exchange links.

Dotti said...

Indeed. And even better: the shoes. They make your instep sexy like hell.

vogued out!!! said...

Iwant those shose. gorgeous on you as always.

A dreamer said...

i think the shoes are amazing! so you made the jewellery huh? well arn't you talented.

Jelenie said...

Love the print on that dress! Have you seen the flimsy bow blouse as well with the pink bird print. I bought it when it was on sale. Very cheap and cute!

Caff said...

I saw this dress on this blog yesterday and got excited. I went to try it on. I'm a slim but boxy shape. Looked all wrong on me!
Nevermind, I found a gorgeous top with pleat details.