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eBay: Joy- finally!

A couple of weeks back I posted about an eBay spree I had been on. Here is one of the results and I'm thrilled. It's on my consideration list to wear to the opening night of a certain film of a certain inflated status world wide that shall remain nameless. You know what I'm talking about.

Verging of nanna chic I hear you say?
You should see what else I got!
Dress: eBay
Shoes: Faith



Francis Girard said...

I love it - could be great with black tights also. thanks for the link. I shall exchange yours this evening. xf

lulki2 said...

yes i love it also! bidding on a lovely jacket at the moment... hopefully i to will have ebay joy!!
cant wait for all the colour... lulki xxx

ruby may said...

I'm in Melbourne too, albeit not for long-I'm relocating to Montreal in a few months. But it's nice to see someone from our humble town representin'
I like yer fashion lady melbourne, that's all I came to say!

Lady Grey said...

Hey Lady Melbourne! Your blog is one of my faves thankx for the swapsies! I enjoy your nana-chic style in this shoot! xxx

heather said...

it IS joyous, but that ring... my my that ring is nice

cheryl Pastor said...

So glad I've found your blog. Would love to do a link exchange with a bonafide lady. The dress is beautiful and yes, I do know what super hyped opening to which you refer.

I'm linking you if that's okay.
Look forward to more.

The Seeker said...

You look gorgeous, I love this dress, so elegante and chic.

Great shoots.

July Stars said...

Definitely not granny chic, it's a beautiful dress and I absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

bravo on the Ebay find, I like it especially wiht your red nails!

Ragamala said...

OOOOH, THAT DRESS. I love the print and the cut. you look fabulous in it!

Imelda Matt said...

Unless your wearing those clumsy nanna-esque sandals, this is straight Prada 'Lady Luxe' from '00. I LOVE IT! - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

hi hi from Paris

so stylish and so sweet when you are shy...
come to Paris ! i will photograph you ! lol

i noticed that you like stylish people.
may be you'll like my street style photo romances in Paris
if not, i kill myself ! lol

and by the way, i met Sarah jessica Parker in Paris and... yes yes, the photos are online, as if you were there !

ps : i hop i won't have to kill myself, because my mother love me. lol

2 questions :
-People say in my blog that parisian girls are the best dressed ever. what do you think ?
-do you prefer to win clothe of week ends/weeks in Paris ?

let's keep in touch and have a wonderful day !

street style romancer in Paris

Kira Fashion said...

you are perfect!
so classy!
love the prints!
i am glad you got it!

a kiss,
see you,

Anonymous said...

yay! its always makes me so happy when my ebay purchases are better then i expected, this dress is beautiful darling