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A little bit of Gucci perhaps....

More eBay joy in the form of these unbelievable shoes that arrived yesterday. I don't really 'do' gladiator or tough as you would all realise by now, but these just spoke to me and I decided worn in the right way, worn in my own little way I could make them work.
The dress is kind of funny, I accidentally ended up thrift shopping with my girlfriends the other day, meaning we basically did what we always do, and as I am trying my best to get away from black and white I tried this on as a joke.
It's by and Australian label called 'Dolina' that was really big in the 1970's and 1980's in Australia and apart from it's name which is just darling, they only make dresses which I love even more. Just dresses.
I digress, I wondered as I stood there inspecting my reflection whether it could be worked in a vintage Gucci kind of way, given the print and all. Your opinion?
I can see it being worked quite a few ways now that I own it, I suppose as it was only $8 I can always give it back to charity and my fashion chain will be complete.
More outfit options on the weekend.

In other breaking Lady Melbourne news:
1. I bought a new pair of True Religion jeans for $6 at St Vincent de Paul. The adorable old lady behind the counter had no idea what she was selling me, I almost felt like I was robbing her.

2. There will be a Lady Melbourne etsy store coming soon.

3. Betty from 'Le Blog de Betty' has invited me to join Mode Pass, link will be up on the website this weekend for those of you already on there.

4. Thank you ever so much for your emails and comments lately, I have read them all and am endeavouring to get back to you as soon as possible. If you have not yet had a reply please be patient, I will get to you!



Lady Melbourne said...

Imelda I await your opinion with baited breath on the shoes of course!

July Stars said...

The shoes are delicious. Recently, you've almost revived my faith in ebay! I might have to start using it again ...

The Collector said...

The print of the dress is just beautiful - I would love to see it close up.

The Dolina label is still sold in David Jones (in the 'mature' fashions department), unless of course this is no longer the original Dolina label? This I am not sure about.

Love the shoes btw!

Lady Melbourne said...

This one is an original, but thank you The Collector for letting me know. I wondered if somewhere like DJ's would still have it.
Just revives my faith in Nanna Chic!

kater said...

Ahh, how wonderful! You always look so glamorous!

On Track said...

Ohhh wow those are some very ladylike beautiful shoes, what a wonderful find :) I love the mix of the shiny black shoes with your pink nailpolish as well, its so pretty

YAY! A lady melbourne etsy store, I love etsy, glad to hear we get to see more of your style

Fashion Is Poison said...

wow these are ridiculously HOT. i'm so jealous

miss cavendish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
miss cavendish said...

Oops--made a typo earlier, hence the delete. I *meant* to say that eBay can be hit or miss, but you've certainly scored with these fantastic heels.