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An Outing

Here is the complete outfit of what I am wearing tonight the premier screening of a certain film that everyone is going crazy over at the moment. I changed my shoes from the original post, I think these are a better option, plus they are new so of course, I have to wear them.

Dress: Vintage, eBay
Trench: Zara
Shoes: eBay
Bag: Some adorable non descript leather maker in Florence
Scarf: Vintage, Savers



Sara said...

That's who you remind me of! Amber from House! It's been bothering me for a while now and it just clicked, having seen the show last night.

Ahem. The dress is incredible. I'm very intrigued about your Etsy store too, I can't wait to check it out.

Oh, in case you don't watch House:

Enjoy The Movie!

Siljesfashion said...

Its such a great look. That dress is divine, and those black and white shoes are just marvelous. Hope you have a great time, cant wait to see the movie tomorrow!oziz

The Collector said...
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The Collector said...

The position of your hand is so elegant in that first photograph.

I'm going to see the movie next weekend with my fashionista girlfriends... I haven't planned what I'm wearing yet (shock!) but I will be sure to document it on my blog!

Sara, I can definitely see the resemblance, but I think that Lady Melbourne is way more beautiful than Amber from House.

Kira Fashion said...

you are really fancy!
those shoes, black and white, are really amazing! love, love, love!

a kiss!

Imelda Matt said...

loves it! Yes i think the new shoes work better but then it's too late to change. It's such a shame about the weather cos i think it's bordering on criminal that dress is hidden!xx

Chloe said...

I love your makeup in the first two photos. Which blush and gloss have you applied?

Lovely blog.

styledigger said...

I like your trench, it's so stylish and always in fashion. But your shoes made me speachless- I love them! Who are they made by?

Super Kawaii Mama said...

I am in love with your bag, It is so chic and structured, looks like it has room for everything but wouldn't look overstuffed. Perfect.
Did you sneak in your own per-mixed Cosmos in that bag?

Fashion Is Poison said...

wow the bag is divine. you look very classy :)

Lady Melbourne said...

Sara I don't watch House, but thank you for bringing that to my attention, I suppose we do look alike!

Chloe my make up is by Chanel in these photos, most of my makeup is Chanel.
The gloss is by and Australian company called Mirenesse, just google them. Their glosses are divine!

Style Digger, the shoes are from Urban Original in the US, I'll be doing a post on them next.

S.K.M and F.I.P- the bag is divine thank you, I'm kicking myself I didn't buy it in red and black now but I suppose that gives me an excuse to go back to Florence now doesn't it!
They actually had Cosmo's at the opening night so I didn't have to worry about sneaking in my own!


You look forever good in the dress.
your blog is quite the discovery.