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Thats right, it's cocktail hour...

Happy Friday darling readers, I do hope you find something wonderful to do today/night where ever you are in the world.
I'm hanging out at some swanky bar in town (but of course!) planning the following with my girlfriends:
What to attend at fashion week in a month
What to wear to fashion week
Next holiday
What to wear on next holiday
Next cocktail
How soon to buy next cocktail
Maybe not in that exact order but you know, I'm not one to be too strict with the conversation!

I don't think I wear pants often enough, I get so much pleasure from all my dresses. But on account of it being so extremely cold right now I thought perhaps I should do the sensible thing and put on a pair of slacks....with a tuxedo jacket of course!
Pants: Ted Baker
Shirt: Vintage Lady Pelaco, eBay
Tux jacket: Tina Kalivas
Heels: YSL
Ring: Chanel
Necklaces: My very own creation.



Imelda Matt said...

'How soon to flirt with cute banker so he buys LM a cocktail'...should be top of your list of TTD.

Anonymous said...

Tina Kavalis is such an exquiste designer, and that jacket looks amazing on you. A very glam outfit indeed. Xx

The Collector said...

You're lucky that you are out and about drinking cocktails - I have a sore throat so I'm home early tonight :( Anyway about the outfit - masculine, but very sexy. Love it.

The Clothes Horse said...

You look so chic and Katherine Hepburn-esque! I wish I had plans for the night, an evening out sounds divine.


Yes you should wear pants, you look great, perfect outfit to hang around with your girlfriends. Have a nice week-end.

enc said...

Very swank indeed!

Anonymous said...

I love this look - A perfect combination of masculine and feminine. I wish I could pull off trousers but they just hate my frame.

On Track said...

I think that might just be the perfect friday night cocktail outfit! Its very chic and gorgeous :)

By the way I am very glad you liked the blog fashion post on my site, you have such a fabulous and original sense of style, you deserve to be there :)

Jarra said...

So chic, I really love this look.

Julie said...

wow you have your own style! and the outfit is full of your character!

Francis Girard said...

Looking forward to having cocktails together sometime soon LM. Trousers are a good look for you. You should pull them out more often. xfrancis

Cheryl Lynn said...

Now you're getting into the cool aspect of glamour. Oh, my, you look soooo cool, just elegantly cool. Loving this look on you!

You wear this very well. Most pleasing to the fashion eye, indeed.

Enjoy yourself, me Lady.

Kira Fashion said...

that´s chic baby!

a kiss!!

Anonymous said...

So, so chic and sophisticated.
You look effortlessly glamorous.