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A Gift

How very lucky and honoured I felt when I was given this dress last week. I haven't accessorised because I didn't want to detract from the lace detail.
Still in awe at it's beauty!
It will be honoured with it's first outing to fashion week, I think it's quite befitting a dress like this!
Thank you for the mentions on other blogs, Sea of Ghosts and Dona Perfecta have most recently had me on their pages and I thank you for the mention. It is always an honour to be recognised by other bloggers.



Imelda Matt said...

Surprise me and wear the garbage bag dress...please.

esme and the lane way said...

Oh, what a beautiful dress.
I seriously need some spring clothes!!!

Anonymous said...

You must have the most incredible wardrobe, Lady Melbourne! Please spoil us with pictures! :D

Oh, and I also mentioned you recently on my blog:

I think you are magnificent :)

Louise said...

That is really pretty, I love the panels of lace, and the minimal accessorising - perfect! Do you get tickets to Fashion Week events through work? It must be so much fun swanning around all week like that!

Anonymous said...

Lovely dress, you look absolutely divine as always :D

katiecrackernuts said...

An elegant piece which you were right to keep clear of accessories. Clean hair and nails is all you need, as my nana would say. You didn't mention where it was from? Is it a refashioned garment, or in its original state?

Anonymous said...

That dress is so prettily.

I made that word up just to describe the dress (and its owner).

I'll be down in Melbourne this weekend; if you feel you can fit me in your busy Lady-like schedule I'd love to catch up for a cocktail or something. I'm going to post an invite to all Melbourne Bloggers tonight.


enc said...

A lovely gift indeed. You are very fortunate.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

That is lovely lace detailing. I'm looking forward to seeing what you wore to Silks too.

Alicia said...

Oh that dress is gorgeous! Such impecable taste, of course I had to mention you on my blog!!


Lisa said...

simply stunning.

its beautiful as is, BUT will look stunning with a fabulous clutch.

i know you will accessorize it to perfection.

Anonymous said...

This dress is absolutely beautiful, the lace looks so pretty.

It really suits you, you're looking stunning as always :)

Tara said...

ohh lucky you! that dress looks beautiful!


Don't listen to the Despot and wear this beautiful dress during the fashion week. I love the lace detail and you just look fabulous.

Cheryl Lynn said...


Bronwyn said...

Oh I think you sat almost next to me at the Luxe Collective parade, because I remember looking at someone wearing a similar dress and silently ooed and ahhed, gorgeous!