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Paris I love you!

First days in new (or old for that matter) cities are always rather frantic, I find myself trying to see everything at once. I think these pictures tell the story perfectly: shopping, The Louvre, trying out a royale with cheese and walking the streets. C'est tout ce que j'aime!Ha!
I have other jewellery from where I bought the ring and will pop the shopping details in the next post.

Coat: Promod
Shirt: Vintage
Brooches: Prague
Bag: Little boutique on Rue Dauphin
Flats: Jadd at David Jones
Leggings: Randon shop on Swanston St in Melbourne



heartofpearl♥ said...

omg to that third image. I'd die if i had the honor of applying my makeup in front of that each morning!x

Shannon (A beautiful Dream) said...

That ring is exquisite! Can't wait to see what other goodies you have found.

Hope you enjoy every minute of Paris.

diamondsinchampagne said...

Everytime I visit your blog I am greeted by yet another gorgeous country you are visiting. How jealous am I!

I absolutley adore the promod coat!

The ring is a piece of art I wish I could have on my finger to stare at all day!

Penny said...

ohhhh i so want to back to paris!! so glad you are having so much fun travelling x

Miss_Red said...

I love that ring, what a beautiful design! So ornate yet somehow not over the top.
I'll have to live vicariously through your holiday photos of Paris, as I wont be able to get there for some time and have always wanted to go there.
Can't wait to see more pics for Paris!

Karolina said...

That ring is stunning. The colours are beautiful. It seems like you have been away for ages - I bet time is flying for you!

A dreamer said...

*jaw drops* isn't that just the makeup table of your dreams?
Haha, you're eating maccas on your first day...when are you going to sample some frog legs?
I think your style fits in nicely with the parisions..

Anonymous said...

Long time reader first time commentator. Just wanted to say I am loving seeing your purchases. It's like Christmas time when someone has all their presents displayed on their bed.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness these photos are awesome! I'm so jealous :D

enc said...

I think Paris loves you, LM. You look right at home. That ring, it is absolutely superb. I've never seen cossie jewelry like that. Not ever. It's really well done.

I love these photos.

Anonymous said...

That ring is truly, amazingly beautiful! It's very reminiscent of the Dior Joaillerie collections.

I hope that someone bought it for you!


GirlonTour said...

Ooh have you seen Paris,je t'aime?,_je_t'aime If you have not, please do when you return home. It will make it even more special as you have just come back from there.

Wonderful gorgeous movie about the City of Love.


karl's sweet child said...

u really belong to paris!! i hope i could put on way more chic look like you do when i was in paris!

esme and the lane way said...

Oh I love the outfit! That coat is wonderful.
All these pictures are so lovely, ah Europe lucky you! :D

Songy said...
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Songy said...

Glad to see you wearing such sensible shoes. Walking around is required in that city isn't it?

Gorgeous ring. That must be rose quartz. I think enc is right. That city loves you more.

Brigadeiro said...

OMGOODNESS!!! I'm in love with that ring, it is just stunning! (I think my eyes just popped out of my head). Gorgeous outfit & pics as always, *sigh* am incredibly envious!