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TIme for a clean up!

Just a short intermission ladies and gents, sorry to interrupt your photo viewing time!

Being away has given me some time to think about my blog roll, how I have not updated it in a long time and how I also think that there are people that follow the blog that should be on there and are not.
I deeply appreciate the fact that you take time out of your day to come visit and comment, so a show of appreciation would be to at least have you linked.
If you think you should be on there and are not, please email me to let me know. Any regular readers will know that I am not too good with responding to comments but I'm great with email!
I will be removing any blogs from the list that have not been updated in over a month- lets face it, we don't stop by blogs to read something that happened 6 months ago!

Send your emails here to feel the love, it only has to be one line:



heartofpearl♥ said...

:) i feel loved as i'm already there ♥ and you are sweet, LM. that's another big reason you win readers!

Electro Geisha said...

i agree with heart of pearl.. i just saw all the pics, my pc and network were dead for some time, and pics did not appear properly when i was here last time... paris, i really do envy you. enjoy :)

enc said...

Updating the 'groll is always a good idea; thanks for adding me, LM. I am honored.

Alicia said...

my hosting company are becoming my worst nightmare. first i lost all my blog posts and now my blog won't load at all! please don't remove me! i'll be back ASAP!!

also so honoured to be there in the first place!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea, I should clear my blogroll out too... When I have a few spare mins!

Take care!

Madeoiselle M.

Kendra said...

My names Kendra and I visit your blog daily to see whats up. I have a xanga fashion blog that I am just getting started. Your blog def. inspires me....Keep up the good work!! :) ~Kendra~

Rano said...

Thanks for adding me LM!