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House keeping

Well, looks as though not only have I been busy these last few days but some of you out there have been as well.
Lani from Window Shopping 101 has done a fabulous post on alternative Christmas decorations and I'm honored that she chose one of my pics to use. Thank you!

Angela from Angela See, Angela Blog did this cool illustration of me which is up on her blog at the moment:
Emma from Aus Style created this lace girl collage/illustration for Lady Melbourne which I adore:

And finally I had this lovely email from a reader:

'Dear Lady Melbourne,
I have recently returned to lovely Melbourne after several years of living in London town. Alas, I have no hairdresser to call my own. I have long admired your tresses via your blog and was wondering if you would be so kind as to recommend a coiffeur.'


I can recommend my own but I'm turning this one over to you guys, please help point J in the direction of Melbourne's best hairdresser!





Anonymous said...

True, your hair is always immaculate and shiny :) How lovely are those images produced of you! The second one is my favourite xx

A dreamer said...

thanks for posting the lace girl!
i really love what angela's dressed you in. the hat is so pretty!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I love the dress you made in the previous post - and the illustrations in this one are gorgeous!

Just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas. Hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of love

Andrea xx

Anonymous said...

Julia of Unico in Degraves St is an awesome stylist. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

ohh yay! thanks for posting it!

Forcast Hairdressing on Bourke st is reall good. But for me quite pricey but really good...


Miss_Red said...

Lovely atristic representations of LM! I love the lace Ausstyle has used, she's so talented!

glam-o-holic said...

If you don't mind your haircut taking a little longer, go to Biba Academy. They have a few branches, mostly in the city. The staff are lovely and won't finish until you're 100% with your hair. Plus the prices are great. Don't get freaked that your hair is being cut by students, they're very good and there's always a professional on hand to keep an eye on things. I never get my haircut anywhere else now.

Anonymous said...

Biba, Moonee Ponds: Marcello is a God! xx

Anonymous said...

Sam at KlassKutters in Smith Street Fitzroy. I have been going there for years. It is a daggy/grotty area but Sam is magic, and his prices are way below the trendy places around town.

KittyMeow said...

If money is no object than Pete at Shibui in Toorak Rd, South Yarra would have to be the best out there. He's so good I can trust him to come up with whatever the hell he likes and it always looks awesome.

That said, I will be trying Biba Academy for my next cut cos I am a bit on the poor side, and $25min sounds pretty good to me. Even if it does take a while - I don't mind spending ages at a hairdresser.

Girlwithshoes said...

I second shibui! I like their mantra of easy-going, work with what you have mantra. Best of all, it keeps looking good for weeks after you leave the salon.

Unlike other places where it looks good, you go home, and wash out the styling gunk and serious heat styling to find that lots of hair and not much style. :D

Anonymous said...

Go See Shannon at Lou Salon in Greville Street. She does the best cut and colour i have ever had and its resonably priced too :)

Anonymous said...

Go see Rebecca @ Confidente. You'll find the salon tucked away upstairs in the Elizabeth St entrance to Royal Arcade. She is a creative sweetie that has done my hair for the past 2 years.

It's like a secret lounge - for your hair :)

Cheryl Lynn said...
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Cheryl Lynn said...

The lace girl is beautiful. I hope to be doing more fashion illustrations and drawings in 2009, as well as completing my children's books.

Lady Melbourne, I have enjoyed your blog sinice the day I discovered it. It is refreshing, sophisticated, and glamorous. I have been both inspired and impressed with your warmth, friendliness, and graciousness, all of which shines through on your blog.

Congratulations on a booming 2008 and may 2009 be twice as prosperous.

Chery Lynn

Anonymous said...

This comment's mega late, but here's my hairdresser pick: Kim Marie on Railway Pde Nth, Glen Waverley. Super cheap, the hairdressers are lovely and they do a brilliant job - I wouldn't go anywhere else.