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Where in the world is Lady M?

I've taken a short hiatus from the blog for a couple of days because I wanted to, nay I needed to.
Christmas parties to attend, gifts to make(I am making all my gifts this year), sewing to attend, amongst many other trivial things daily life throws at you.
This latest dress I've worked on over the last 24 hours and I'm quite pleased with the result. I've not tried to make my own collars before, but now this one has worked out I can't believe I don't have one on all my dresses. Watch out.

The results of the poll were overwhelmingly in favour of more interaction in the comments section, so with that on board I will endeavour to respond to all your questions from now on.
Thanks to those who participated, very much appreciated as is the time you spend looking at these pages every day.



ryder said...

lovely dress-the collar makes it. have a wonderful holiday!!!!

Low Cost High Style said...

The dress u made is beautiful!! When I see stuff like that it makes me want to sew...I gave it up a few yrs ago, because it was so frustrating, but maybe I will give it another try :)

Trailing Spouse said...

Love the dress and the fabric pattern. Just gorgeous.xx

LoveMore said...

wow you made that! clever clever! love the print..well done :) xxx

Sal said...

Totally gorgeous work - you should be so proud.

Enjoy the holidays!

ana b. said...

Lovely design and pattern, LM. Very ladylike and chic. I love the little *ahem* bum frill. I'm sorry I don't know what else to call it?!

Kira Fashion said...

I really wanna to sew something for me too!


a kiss LM!

Penny said...

i adore the over-sized pearls!

Charm said...

You made it?! Oh you are a genius. I am in awe of your skills. said...

Lady I love it! I miss my sewing machine back in Melbourne dearly.

There's something satisfying about receiving a compliment about something you made yourself- much better than something store bought!

Congratualtions on your first self made dress and I can't wait to see what else you come up with!


Anonymous said...

OHHHH!!!! I love that collar you did a great job!

-gasp- where's my illustration of you?! Only kidding



What a lovely dress you made, so perfect with the wedges.

Siljesfashion said...

Beautiful dress, you have a great talent! Hope you got new inspiration & I wish you a merry xmas with lots of joy.

Simone said...

gorgeous dress and a gorgeoue figure

katiecrackernuts said...

Very clever and I do like your new site look. I've been skimming through on Reader to try and catch up on postings and just spied the new look. Keen to see (after Santa's been, of course) the other things you've crafted for Christmas gifts.

Lady Melbourne said...

Thanks guys!
Low Cost- give it another go, if you pick great fabrics then you can make the most simple and basic patterns look amazing.

Ana.B- bum frill is cute, I might even use that from now on!

Kat- I can't tell you how satisfying it is to make your own clothes, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Angela- Your pic is up!

Katie- I think I might put it up, I was going to skip it but the little hampers I've made up are so cute!

PUG and PIPS said...

Hello Miss M,
This dress looks wonderful.
I was wondering what shape the collar is when you lay the fabric flat (before you sewed it on)? I don't have any patters to follow and I was wondering how you cut the fabric to make it have soft waves? Do you buckle it yourself?
Hope that made sense...I have no technical training so any help would be grand!
Laura xx

Julie said...

This is so beautiful! You look great in color too!

Miss_Red said...

The dress looks amazing, and the collar is amazing. You're so talented!

Lady Melbourne said...

P & P I'll reply on your blog.

esme and the lane way said...

Wow, it's amazing! I love it!