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Rest in Peace: Bettie Page

It would be remiss here at Lady Melbourne to not pay tribute to Bettie Page, who died yesterday in California aged 85.
Bettie's legendary look will live on forever for those of us who find inspiration from her raven hair, beautiful curves, pin up photos and of course her photographic work.

The NY Times has a great obituary that talks about her life and work in detail.

We love you Bettie Page!



Anonymous said...

Indeed rest in peace.
I shocked to log onto tFS and see a tribute to Bettie!
We can all agree on one thing, we'll all remember those wavy black locks of hers.

Anonymous said...

ah i loved bettie

Anonymous said...

She was such an icon and will be deeply missed but her legend will definitely live on. RIP Bettie.

Miss_Red said...

It's so sad to lose an style icon such as Bettie Page, may she rest in peace and her inspiration live forever.

Anonymous said...

So lovely that you posted this! When I learnt she had passed I went awwwww. What a fearless style icon she was. RIP Miss Bettie xxx

Vintage Verve said...

Yes indeed RIP The Notorious Bettie Page.

She got a special mention on my blog too!


Anonymous said...

such sad news. RIP- she was fantastic. so wonderful.