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Lady Melbourne in her natural habitat: part II

Sometimes a gal has to work for her diamonds, I'm lucky enough to work in an environment surrounded by black and white art work, not to mention the mirrored table tops. It's a pleasure being there everyday.
Jacket: On loan from Lulki
Tshirt: Valley Girl
Collar: Marché aux Puces, Paris
Skirt: Episode
Ballet flats: Hong Kong



Vintage Verve said...

Just make sure you don't work too hard darling.... that's what the maids are for!

Lovely work ensemble!

xx VV

Andrea said...

I like your blog :-) There are many flea markets around Paris (btw. spelled marché aux puces) and it is nice to see that one is still able to find such gems!

richardfitzme said...

I love those shoes simply gorgeous. They remind me of a little pair I spotted at Central Command aka Chanel store. That jacket is also quite charming. It is a pity that thing dangling from your neck aka collar is thwarting it's full effect.

Anonymous said...

I'm still in love with the new 'Do Lady M. It's such a retro look but you make it look so fresh and new.

And what a stylish workplace you have!


Lia said...

Great skirt!

Miss_Red said...

I love the contrast of all the patterns in the first pic, gorgeous skirt!!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

You have a new job? Do tell...

LoveMore said...

oh you look very cute!!!! love black and white! xxx LM

Ruby Redlocks said...

Very chic and the mix of pattern adds the perfect touch of playfulness!

esme and the lane way said...

Wonderful! I do love those big polka dots on you, you really pull them off :)

WendyB said...


The Clothes Horse said...

That setting definitely suits you perfectly! I really adore your outfit, especially that delightful skirt.

Mia said...

this skirt is a true gem!!

Annie said...

What exacty is your work - I've always wondered! You look so like Anna Wintour in these photos!

harbourmaster said...

hello, lady melbourne (fabulous as usual)!
i'm a long time reader of your blog, and would be thrilled if you'd have a look at mine!

Anonymous said...

Anna Wintour? That old hard faced biddie? No LM looks like a porcelain doll which doesn't look like its had its face pushed through a mincer.

Veronica Fantoni said...

Hi Lady! My name is Veronica and I'm from Brazil. I have a blog about dresses, where I posted two pictures of you. Your dresses are really beautiful and I love the way you choose your clothes! Is there any problem if sometimes I use some picture of you in my homepage? I's a pleasure visiting you blog! : )

Miss_Corrine said...

100% gorgeous :) Work it, LM!

Anonymous said...

Too noisy. The voluminous white skirt seems to shrink you and makes you appear small and unremarkable.

I also prefer your longer hair which is more playful and makes you look quite unique. As much as I love a bob, I think yours looks too school marmish and lacks movement.

I think you look lovely in elegant, well-cut clothing--tailored pants, late-50s and early-60s dresses, lovely blouses. But not the 50s or 80s frou-frou.



PUG and PIPS said...

love the mix of prints. Is this at your home? simply gorgeous x x x

A dreamer said...

so pretty and playful!
i love that screen behind you. nicceee.

Marielle said...

I agree with anon no offense LM!

I think your hair looks better longer but you have had it cut so I don't want to make you feel bad. Sorry.

I also think that classic Chanel cuts suit your frame and overall style perfectly. The frou frou 50's and 80's does not do you justice. Your overall style (which is why I visit your blog) is always elegant but this outfit is not the classic mix and match LM.

I hope I have not offended you because that is not the intent of this post.

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous, I love this look. & Your hair looks amazing! xx

Lady Melbourne said...

VV- darling you know where it's at, lets just say I'd never chip a nail in the persuit of a working day.

Andrea- thank you, I have amended my spelling. Oh to be back there right now shopping!

Richard- Central Command- I love it! Porcelain Blonde also refers to it as 'The Mother Ship.'
I understand your aversion to collars but I'm sorry darling, they are here to stay!

Grant- thank you my love.

SKM- I've had the job for a while but kept it under wraps. I'll be able to reveal more in a few weeks time!

Annie- thank you, she's a style icon of mine.

Harbour Master- fab blog, I'll link you darling.

Richard- jumping to my defence, oh my! She is a little hard faced come to think of it...

Veronica- thank you, you are very sweet!

Anon/Jess- thanks for the feedback, roger that!It's always good to hear constructive thoughts.

Marielle- no offence taken! I can't exactly get it back, so it's here to stay for a while! Thanks for your constructive comments.

Uber- thanks! : )

HoneyBunny said...

I love the skirt! and your blog:* I've just started my own..and you're the person to look up to :)

Jennifer said...

i love this combination!

Deveria estar estudando said...

J´adore polka dot!
J´adore your blog!

Trendy Gourmandise said...

so sweet