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A Cherry for my Baby....

I often resolve to take more pictures outside, after all we are blessed with long summer days here at the moment. Somehow I never make it off the couch, a combination of familiarity and laziness I suspect.
I thought that the best way to display just how much this skirt 'pops,' was to photograph it in full length, and in full sun. So I wriggled into it(they don't call them wiggle skirts for nothing!) and took my tripod for a little wander.
Last time I ventured to this spot for photos was last winter, so it is long overdue judging by how great the light is.
I met up with the delightful Porcelain Blonde today for a spot of coffee and tarts(hers strawberry, mine peach) at my favourite French cafe.
Apart from solving world peace and the global economic crisis, we discussed manicures as I am looking for some more subtle shades at the moment, and PP like me, does her own nails.
She suggested O.P.I 'Got a Date To-Knight' but if you have your own suggestions please comment or email me.
I have a few occasions coming up where bright red may not be so appropriate and would you believe, I don't own a pale pink nail polish. Shocking.
Skirt: Bonita, from Savers
Tee: Hong Kong baby!
Heels: Tony Bianco factory outlet
Bracelets: Hong Kong again!
Necklace: Chanel
Currently on my nails: 'Cherry Rain' from the Maybelline Wetshine range.



Karolina said...

Wow! Pencil wriggle skirst are the bomb. Very sexy.

What do you think about white nail polish? OPI makes one called 'Time-less is More'. You need about 3 coats to get ultimate coverage, but the result is very opaque and glossy off white... very chic and very chanel ;)

LexyB said...

Am so envious of your wriggle in that wiggle skirt! Most delightful. And with that skirt on, who's gonna be looking at your nails?

Blogette said...

Looking very lovely. Coney Island Cotton Candy by OPI is a great peachy-pink nude for nails.

.val. said...

Where's your favorite French cafe, LM?

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

If you want something very subtle and sweet, you could try layering OPI's Mod Hatter over a slightly brighter shade. It's very a very sheer, slightly glittery pale dusty pink. I've only ever used it on other light colours but I suspect it may be just the thing to transform a bolder colour. Or, wear it on it's own for a very subtle sparkle!

HoneyBunny said...

wow you look sooo gorgeous! I loove that skirt and the way you it suits you!:))) :*

Sal said...

Adore that skirt. What's it made of, LM? Sateen?

Le Tasché said...

I do not like red coloured clothes, but the skirt has such a warm shade,
perfectly reflecting a warm summer day.

Anonymous said...

Ohh a wiggle skirt! And in red *sighs*
I feel you on the wriggling. I didn't just wriggle into that bandage dress yesterday, I had to wrestle it :)

I love the light of these outdoor pics.

Blogette's polish recommendation is fab too - the perfect french mani pink. (I want to try the white Karolina recommends)


Abs084 said...

I love OPI's "Get me to the Tj on time".

Classic, simple and very chic!

Anonymous said...

Very chic and sexy :) I hear that you are having the post incredible summer over there you lucky thing!


Anonymous said...

I had my first Pedicure yesterday with Mags, and I chose an off-white colour with an opaque, pearlescent quality similar to the one Karolina describes - by Opi - but I'm not sure of the name.

Now my toes look super fancy (albeit VERY camp).

Love this look for you Lady M; you look like a Vampy Grease character.

That was supposed to be a compliament...


Patrizia simulacra said...

Vampy grease character lol!
You look lovely LM as you always do. That wiggle skirt makes you look trimmer than usual (not that you are not slim anyway).I suppose that is why it is called a wiggle skirt...duh! Forgive me, my brain has been fried in this 46 degree heat.

josephine said...

i second sal's question! what kind of fabric is that? it's gorgeous whatever it is. i love the rustic fence as a background too.

A dreamer said...

smoking hot outfit!

if you wanted something subtle for the nails you could always make the tips black/red and leave the rest clear and glossy.

of course i think you'd be capable of something A LOT more neat and polished than the below examples