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Little creatures...

I love little details, I search for them in everything that I see. I notice what colour shoe laces a person has, the stitching on their jeans, the hint of a tattoo. I was describing a mutual colleague the other day to someone and I said, 'You know, the guy with the emerald green shoe laces?'
Perplexity stared me back in the face.
Anyhow, this isn't the best photograph of these earrings but none the less you get the idea of how clunky they are. Well I hope you do!!
They cost me $1 from a shop on the very ground floor of Melbourne Central, sort of near the train station. It sells beads, crystals and some ready made jewellery and for the life of me I can't remember it's name! Help me readers!
The point is, if you like them they have heaps so there is a little treasure hunt for you.

I wore two outfits today that were a combination of both. Same jacket, same hand bag and jewellery. One was the dress above and one was my new high waisted Faberge jeans and this cute little tank from Kookai. I shopped at Kookai in high school and during my university days, so haven't really gone back there since because I think to some degree, we compartmentalise certain shops with certain times in our lives. Eg: I have never and will never wear emerald green as it was my school uniform colour.

I digress, I was strolling past the other day and popped in to have a look. Not everything appealed, but they seemed to have great basics, this being one of them.
This is a little jacket/blouse that you wear under a dirndl, I picked it up at Episode on Sydney Rd. They are narrowing their collection, but you can buy dirndl's, blouses and traditional German clothing there.



michou said...

Traditional German clothing? I guess it is Bavarian as other stuff is not known outside Germany ;-) And this clothing you will only see at Oktoberfest or in Bavarian restaurants, surely not in Frankfurt, Köln, Hamburg or Berlin ;-) (and I am glad for it *wink*)

Karolina said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw this tank top on a girl on the street (she had it in black) and I've been kicking myself for not asking her where it was from... I can't believe that you have now featured it on your blog! Is it recent stock?

Lady Melbourne said...

Karolina- Bought it last Friday darling, hop to it!
Country Road sale tomorrow as well-wooooooo!

Maigraith said...

If I am not mistaken, I think the store you are thinking of is called "The Bead Factory" - they're always having a 50% off sale!

Love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous, I wish i was attending Melbourne Fashion week :"(

I do so love the attention that you pay to detail. I have a mildly similar habit: I read people by their bags. Men, women, children: if they carry a bag I generally find I can read them a hell of a lot easier.

You look splendid BTW Xx

Sal said...

That tank is truly fantastic. Just love the ruffles!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

i know exactly which beads shop you are talking about! i have bought $1 gold coin look alike earrings there and i LOVE them but make my ears itchy as they are sensitive. but i dont know the name. it has been a closing down sale place for as long as i can remember! i just hope it doesnt close anytime soon :D x

elena-lu said...

lovely and i think you must revisit emerald green i bet you looked amazing in it but then again you always do!

Anonymous said...

Hello lady!

Manicure is fabbbbbbbbbbb

I just got an email from my significant other advising me of the country road sale too !

Weeeeee !

Love your blog.


Vintage Verve said...

I agree LM - I just adore the little details. I believe they can subtly shift the direction of an entire outfit - from casual to more formal, from conservative to a little more subversive!

Looking chic as always BTW

xx VV

WendyB said...

That last picture is quite the sex-ay pose. Love that tank, very flattering.

Lala Orange said...

That blouse jacket is so very beautiful! we would love to swap links with you?!