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Little pleasures....

A reader suggested that I try this 'reverse' manicure. It needs a little tidying up, but you get the general idea.
I found all of the pieces of this tea set separately at op and antique shops but it would appear they belong together!

New additions to my kitsch porcelain collection.



Karolina said...

You're living life on the edge doing your nails on the couch!

LoveMore said...

you are actually so cute! nice buys :)

xxx lm

Grant said...

I love the reverse manicure! I have been dying to see it attempted with white and a really startling Kryptonite green tip.

Perhaps this might be an interesting experiment? *batts eyelashes woofully*

Joli said...

Okay, my advice is unsolicited, but I am giving it anyways.

I am not sure if you use base coat or not, but as a professional, might I suggest using one or if you are switch over to the Christian Dior Ridge Filler, your nails will look much smoother and sleek.

Second hint, try and glide the polish without touching the brush to the surface.

Of course use topcoat, which will make it easier to clean up the excess than trying to use remover on the skin.

Ok kids, my lecture is done for the day.

I love the reverse manicures too, especially the red and black combos!

Anonymous said...

You know how His 'Lordship' hates it when Lady Melbourne does her nails on the couch! Dicing with death!

Bucca said...

LOVE that china - it remind me of my mothers cabinets full of antique tea sets etc!

Penelope said...

Gorgeous teaware, milady!

Anonymous said...

Dear LM,

I am the reader that suggested the reverse manicure!

I am about to sign up to get my own blog started soon.

The manicure is tricky but looks so fab and chic once perfected!


heartofpearl ♡ said...

the nails are a good idea! would love to try but hate having to take it off each time for work :( x

Casey said...

I've been dying to do a reverse manicure lately--just haven't had the time! I think perhaps you've sufficiently inspired me. ;)

elena-lu said...

beautiful finds!
i do love tea items myself and have a few pieces -mostly for their beauty not so much for their monetary value.
i think it delightful to have a cup of tea in the afternoon or my regular morning coffee in my little cups of flower patterned china!

HoneyBunny said...

Love that reverse manicure, I've been wearing it for about two weeks now...and I still love it. I love that teaware:) :**

indigoeleanor said...

no way!! i have the pink version of those blue porcelain ballet shoes! coincedence