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Well if you insist...

I donated blood for the first time today and the nurses told me I had to sit around and have a cup of tea and a biscuit afterwards. If I felt a little funny when I arrived home, I should rest and have plenty more water and tea....'and biscuits?' I asked.
No, technically I didn't need to go home and eat my cupboard dry, but you know, just to be sure I had a couple extra biscuits anyway.

Do you guys like Frankie? I like it most of the time, it pretty much has something I'm interested in, in each issue. A male friend pointed out to me however, that he thinks even though it has the 'quirky' aspect, it's just another women's mag because all they seem to cover is topics like craft, vintage shopping, baking and illustration to name a few. Ergo, it doesn't appeal to the average male out there. His opinion, not mine. Interesting though!
I haven't been able to wear this coat for 6 months since I was in Paris last year(sigh....not in Paris, in front of computer right now) but hoorah, the weather has finally turned and I can turn out all my lovely winter coats.
I have my eye on a little red number on Etsy at the moment, because you know, one can never have too many red coats now, can one?
Coat: Promod in Prague
Dress: eBay
Boots: eBay
Brooch: Prague



Lady Smaggle said...

No way! Frankie is the ONLY women's mag with vintage shopping, craft, baking and illustration. I take offense at that statement. You look lovely today by the way. :-)

Anonymous said...

Go you for giving blood! I'm not old enough...

Nah, I'm not a fan of Frankie, too... 'alternative' for me.


PS. love the brooch

Rubydarling (otherwise known as Wendy) said...

I'm positively loving this cold snap. I got to wear my new black double breasted cashmere coat today. Yummy! And I love your coat too. Now i feel like spending my Friday night coat shopping. Need a green one.

Alicia said...

Unlike most "women's mags" a lot of the articles in Frankie are written by men.

I subscribe to Frankie and really do love the mag, they've been super kind to me. But I am finding lately it's slightly repetitive. I'd like something really whacky and unexpected in the next issue.

Genevieve said...

I adore Frankie! I think I'd even call it my favourite magazine.
It might not appeal to the average male, but I reckon that's a positive because I like to think that it doesn't appeal to the average female either! :]
Good on you for donating blood, I've been intending to for months.

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

i love frankie bc of the 'quirky' craft, vintage content and the articles and writers are always appealing to me too.

but i do think its getting a little 'same same' each issue, dont u think?

Sal said...

Definitely. Never too many red coats. Never ever!

elena-lu said...

good for giving blood! dont know that mag but the cover is sweet
Oh and i must say i adore how the close up photo of the tea has the reflection of the window in it!!!!

Ms Vitriol said...

Frankie is a sure bitter pill. I had high hopes for her. I can't say I care for Marieke Hardy's tattle about popping over to a swingers' party, or Justin Hazlewood's mopings about some fringe-wearing girleen. Frankie is so self-consciously fashionably twee. She claims herself to be 'smart', 'rude' and 'sarcastic', but sadly she's no hoyden. She is perhaps who you might hope your thirteen-year-old daughter might take home rather than Dolly, but for me, if we're talking throw-away friends, I prefer the piquant company of Bust and Bitch magazine.

jesska said...

I'm a die hard frankie fan... read every issue cover to cover! The pull out posters are usually pretty great too.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Good for your giving blood. I try to whenever I can, but it's hard because my veins are so deep.

What a lovely coat and I'm craving the embellishment. You look wonderfully sophisticated as usual and I probably would have had a few more biscuits as well... ;)

Kudos and Kisses

ana b. said...

The boy always sneaks Frankie away from me. And I often hear him cackling away at some article in it. It is pretty funny.

You look gorgeous, Lady M. I am excited for the colder weather so I can experiment with some layering.

Vintage Verve said...

To tell you the truth, I actually steer clear of womens magazines in general as I find them too focused on 'celebrity'and generally quite negative. I'd rather read a good book or blog.

Congratulations on donating blood LM. Not everyone can and many that can, dont.

Looking forward to having something stronger than a cup of tea with you on the weekend,

xx VV

The Gel Journals said...

Frankie's my "throw away mag" - like a chocolate bar on those much needed days...

Now Lula on the other hand, she's my favourite home cooked meal that you crave for the rest of your life. :)

PS. I know a guy that bought this last issue of Frankie and he's not gay... hmmm maybe a bit metro now I thinks about it. :)

esme and the lane way said...

Beautiful beautiful coat! And I love th grey dress, too :) I like that Frankie is v different to most mags, but sometimes I find the writing a little too try hard, or too obnoxious without actually being funny... I guess it's a fine line. I LOVE the design of it, though! And red caots – I want one! One I was looking at on etsy just sold, so the search begins again! :D

Anonymous said...

My 20-something male cousin agrees - Frankie is more a women's than men's magazine

I absolutely adore it, though. It's been getting me through year 12 brilliantly because of its beautiful layout and photos, and its hilarious articles (but they seem to be getting less and less funny, sadly)

And besides, I don't know of any other young women's magazine that has baking and craft anything. And the clothes advertised are different, too.

Anneliese xo

Minxy said...

Frankie is the only "womens mag" that I have any time for whatsoever. It's not perfect but it's a LOT more aligned to my life/interests than most.