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Happy Friday

Anyone else out there glad it's Friday?
I sure am, but very much looking forward to the weekend as well!

Happy Friday all!
p.s- wait a minute, I almost forgot!
Dress: Lady Melbourne, I made it
Heels: I got them on eBay last year
Pearls: Primark



diamondsinchampagne said...

I am definatley glad it's Friday. This week was too crazy, I'm feeling so run down.

Whta gorgeous material that dress is made from! You are tres talented!

Apple Daisy Girl said...

im really happy it is friday even though i only went to school today, i had camp and am rteally tired!!! lovely post im in love with your dress and the shoes :)

xx. A

Anonymous said...

Ohh I'm so pleased that it's Friday, I'm going to have a lovely long week-end off!! AHh... a bit of shopping, going to the gym and lazing in bed. Perfect!


Cotton Socks said...

happy friday LM!
ive always wondered if your martini is really a martini or if its water for the photos.
i dunno why ahaha.

Fashion Moment said...

Beautiful photos, darling.


A dreamer said...

awesome dress! it's so cute!

Sal said...

SO glad it's Friday. Hope you'll have fun sauntering through your weekend in those gorgeous heels!

elena-lu said...

yay im glad its friday too :)
have a lovely weekend

Le Tasché said...

What for relaxed photos to welcome the weekend. Your selfmade dress is a amazing, would like to see in colour.

ryder said...

looking lovely as usual lady...these pics make me want an icy cold cocktail and the comfort of home. i am surely glad the week is over and that the month of may is upon us! happy weekend!


Have a wonderful week-end Lady! Fierce heels you've got there!

Juliana said...

That dress is just gorgeous! What fabric is it, if I may ask?
Happy friday and weekend :)

Ruby said...

Beautiful dress- you are a v talented

WendyB said...

Boo hoo....I want to see the dress in color!

Brooke said...

love your "lounging" shots..very original

would love to see the front of this dress!

Fashion Tidbits said...

you should read this month's issue of RUSSH too! it's great

esme and the lane way said...

Fabulous! Oh, I love the weekends... :)

LoveMore said...

oh WOW these are some of my favourites of your pics miss LM!!! :)

glad to see the meet up went well - your outfit was stunnnnning!!!! :)

hope you had a wonderful weekend!

xxxx bel