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Happy Friday!

Hi spies!
Welcome to Happy Friday, I am with you sans drink in hand because I celebrated H.F by doing brunch today with Lulki.
I suppose you could say I have a touch of Holy Golightly about me, in that if you gave me a choice, I would prefer to socialise in the evening rather than meet in the morning. It's a little new to me. Ahem.
I bought this scarf at a country op-shop yesterday for 50c, and then I made my rose quartz necklace to match and make it 'pop.' I don't like pink much, but I think these colours work in so other ways.
I'm off for cocktails now, you didn't think that brunch was all there would be on Happy Friday did you?! Ciao!

Trench: Zara
Dress: Target
Cardigan: Op-shop
Bag: Op-shop
Tights: Voodoo
Heels: Urban Original
Scarf: Op-shop(there is a lot of op-shop going on in this post!)
Necklace: Lady Melbourne



Suzanne said...

great scarf, and it's nice with your necklace! great heels either!

diamondsinchampagne said...

The colours in the scarf and the print are gorgeous

Anonymous said...

I really LOVE the necklace! You should do a little tutorial on how you made that! I'm sure people wanna replicate that!

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit LM!


Anonymous said...

Great outfit! I absolutely love the scarf!
Happy Friday, Enjoy!

Rosie Unknown said...

I love the scarf with the coat!

Meg said...

Wow that scarf is such a find!!

Sal said...

The necklace looks gorgeous on that deep black dress.

elena-lu said...

lovely tie in wiht the necklace have tons of fun!!

FJ said...

Have a nice weekend!

Ljubica said...

you look great and i'm so jealous of your hair! i would never be able to get mine to do that!

A dreamer said...

wow 50c what a steal! hehehe of course your readers didn't expect you to wig out on friday night cocktails.

Irene said...

Wow, you are SO Holy Golightly! Very gorgeous! Love the hair and the heels.
I really admire you for dressing up so often...but I think people should dress up more often, if only for how it makes you feel!
Well done!

Siljesfashion said...

Great fall look!

Miss_Red said...

Great scarf-what a fabulous find!! I have grown tired of pink in the last year or so and realised that it works much better as an accent than a base. You look gorgeous as always ♥

Cheryl Lynn said...

You looked positively lovely for your night out. Very cosmo and sophisticated, as is per usual with you, my Dear.

Hope you had fun!

WendyB said...

I was going to say that you looked like Holly Golightly in these pictures and then you mentioned her!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Love your 'pouf' of hair - everytime I try try that trick my hair always goes flat - boo too fine hair!!

Anonymous said...

That scarf is a great find Lady M; and I'm glad to see that there was a little more going on for you on Friday than just brunch, ha ha ha.


P.S - will we get to see a detailed photo of the necklace you've made?

Vintage Verve said...

You do "festive Melbourne Black" so well LM. I wear a great deal of it myself and always like to dress it up with a touch of colour.

Your are very Holy Golightly

xx VV

Ruby said...

Elegant outfit. Love your hair in these pictures.

ryder said...

i actually liek everything

except one thing : Scarf

but without it you almost look like audrey h.


Unrealized Fish said...

love your bag