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Hei Norge!

Silje's blog....

Boy oh boy do I wish I could speak Norwegian!
If you don't know Silje then look her up, we have been blogging buddies for a few years now and her website is fa.bu.lous.



elena-lu said...

congats! and ill go check her out
(love the photos she chose to go with the interview)

Lise said...

Hei Lady Melbourne (means Hi Lady Melbourne in Norwegian).

I read the interwiev and it was lovely! I like your blog and your outfits and you so deserved to be "ukens trendsetter" (this week's trendsetter).
If you want to learn some Norwegian, I can teach you if you like:)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe don't we all wish we spoke Norwegian?



Siljesfashion said...

Lady M, thank you so much for doing the interview. I was so excited to share your style with all the Norwegian girls! Love S