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Happy (casual) Friday!

Hello all! Thats not right, kittens? No, thats the gorgeous Vintage Verve's thing. I'll have to think about a collective address for you all. 'Readers' makes it sound like a book club.

Anyhow, Happy Friday to you all where ever you are, it's beer and pizza night here for His Lordship and I. Actually it's pinot grigio and pizza night for me but I don't want to kill his buzz- I am staying in on a Friday for once!

On a beauty note I've got a ceramic, barrel, curling iron that I never use because my hair just drops out. It has sat in my bathroom cupboard for three years now collecting dust but it cost me a packet so I couldn't bare to part with it.
As I am on holidays at the moment, I have time to fiddle with my hair so that is why it has a certain 'bounce' to it.
I don't own a GHD or straightening iron, I've no need for one so instead invested in a ceramic curler. Hasn't really worked either- should have spent the money on shoes and been eternally happy!

Silk blouse: Witchery
Belt: Local op-shop
Pants: From the mens section at Savers, I just altered them
Boots: Senso Diffusion



Delilah said...

I love this outfit! It is so fresh and pretty looking :)

Glamour Bbey said...

Lovely outfit!
I love the boots x

Anonymous said...

I love the blouse! It reminds me of Christopher Kane.

It's such a coincidence because I was just thinking about getting some plaid pants today, they look great on you!


Indiana Munn said...

I love the white silk top, its gorgeous!
I've been enjoying your blog since I discovered it since my older sister moved to Melbourne. I have
added you to my blogroll, I hope that's okay.

The Hummingbird Road said...

I love your hair and the outfit. However, I reckon the pants and shoes are not very flattering on your beautiful figure. They make you look short.

Roamy83 said...

love the shoes, and beautiful photos!

Sal said...

Such a gorgeous blouse. And I'm STILL drooling over those booties.

HoneyBunny said...

You look so pretty! I've fell in love with that top<3

PrettyYoungThing said...

Cute outfit! The blouse is lovely! x

sweetie Bird {RML} said...

you know, I curl my hair all the time, and own a few barrel curlers, and have found that if you do not use the correct product it doesnt hold. My hair is quite straight and thin, and I use a strong hold mousse in the hair, allowing it to set in, then curl it... and use a bit more hair spray after. Works like a charm.

Suzanne said...

love your shous so much! but actually everything is nice; very nice pieces, while it still looks simple -in a good way-. look it!

Ruby said...

Good girl for staying in this Friday- oh, the things we do for love. Have you gone off martinis btw?

Love your hair here and the top is gorgeous- love the soft fabric and the scalloped sleeves.

Anonymous said...

@Angelayang - AHHH! That's exactly what I was going to say!!!

Lady M, beer and pizza, who divine.

I really do love those pants that you have altered; they're splendid.

I like "Hello Readers...", even if it does sound a little formal.


Sarah said...

'love, 'love, 'love the boots.... and the details of the silk blouse... lovely!


~ Lolita of modern times ~

blackbook said...

amazing it current season witchery?

Hippie Frou Frou said...

such interesting pieces!!! lovely booties!

jess s//

God Made Me fuNky said...

the boots are fabulous and the blouse looks lovely too