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Happy Friday

You know how you have those days where despite your wardrobe bursting at the seams, you have nothing to wear?
I'm having one of those days.
So I decided why not raid His Lordship's wardrobe for something to wear? He's a stylish fella, I knew there had to be something in there somewhere and I've been rewarded it would seem.
Only thing is, the pants and shirt are miles to big for me, you can't see it but there is some very crafty pinning going on.
I'll be here on Sunday emptying my wardrobe of dresses, shoes, accessories, coats and shoes with items starting at $5, the most expensive thing on sale is a brand new, barely worn GAP trench coat for $100. That's so cheap I'd buy it back off myself if I didn't already own 5 trenches.
Happy Friday!



Meg said...

Oh that's so funny, I had the exact same problem this week and raided the hubbies wardrobe! You do it so well!

Cyma said...

I am so with you on closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear days! my hubby is amazed everytime I say this....You still look good though if I was to raid his wardrobe i'll look like I dressed to make a video for funniest home videos :)

Rosie Unknown said...

I love wearing men's shirts, they are so versatile! My fave ways are belted over leggings, and over a dress, or as a matter of fact, under a dress.

Annie said...

Je l'adore!

Suzanne said...

those heels <3

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha- You look fantastic in ANYTHING!

It has always struck me as curious that women look fantastic in menswear; but men (to my mind at least) look awkward and ridiculous in women's clothes.

I guess it is some sort of subversive slight against the preceeding years of Patriarchy; no?

Happy Friday to you too darling.


WendyB said...

Looking good!

360DegreeSneezeGuard said...

Great look!

A dreamer said...

STUNNING! you need to raid his closet more often.

daniB said...

just lovely.
you look gorgeous with your hair pulled back!