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I bought these Beutron buttons on sale at Spotlight for $1 a card....

I made these cuffs by gluing the pearls and rhinestones on....

My new dress-form that was given to me by an elderly aunt.....

And me with my crafty finds and brand new belt haul from the weekend.
It's a jumble of a post but I suppose the craft element ties it all together!

I'm back on Twitter by the way, thanks to everyone 'following' me. It's a new world trying to communicate in 140 characters but being without a phone has forced me to work it out.
I have no idea whether to replace my phone with what I had (LG Shine) or get something new. My friends are trying to get me to join the 'iPhone' club but I'm not so sure I'd use all the applications. I do like to sit in front of the computer and type to do these kinds of things. I'm so 1999 and new to the net.
Any recommendations?



Anonymous said...

How about a PDA? I have a Palm Treo 730 and it is pretty nifty, with email and access to most internet sites including Facebook and Twitter, which I am currently in love with. Plus, it's a brick, so it doubles as a weapon; and it has a full keypad like a computer.

Don't sell out and get an iPhone - you're above that lovely!

I want a male dress form so badly. I saw one on ebay recently for $200 and stupidly I decided I'd have an easy time finding another.



Breeahna said...

Cute buttons, I'm off to lincraft to find some beauties now!

Lady Melbourne said...

Ooo, thanks Grant, I was erring on the side of no iPhone.

I know I've lucked out with the dress form, it's pretty special :)

You should check out Spotlight as well Breeahan, their sale is awesome at the moment!

Anonymous said...

That's a great dress form! I wish I had family member who would hand down treasures like these.

And that cuff is pure love!

Coming from someone who's had 6 phones in the past 4 years(oh yeah I had a phone when I was 11). I would strongly suggest a PDA. It does everything. I no longer need a planner, calendar, notebook, or sticknote (well ok I still love sticky notes).

For busybodies; Blackberries are so amazing! I use my mum's all the time and that little ball thing is much better than the scroll nub on the LG shine. And they are very good when it comes to emails.

If you want a phone that floats all kinds of lifestyle boats: nokia e63 or e71 (i've got a e71 and it's pretty good)
The old me would say HTC touch (but after a few months the whole touch screen thing gets annoying).


diamondsinchampagne said...

I dont use any applications on my iphone, but to be honest it is the best phone I have ever owned. The battery life is fabulous, the iphone on your phone is handy, and writing messages has never been easier. It takes a while to get used to (Well for me it did) but i'm so glad I stuck with it.
I highly recommend the iphone!

The King and I said...

Lady M... Go for the iphone! There is a reason there is so mucg hype- it is the best of ALL the phones!!! :D

casey said...

I love those bangles! Fantastic idea!

Good luck finding a new phone. I recently replaced my trusty old, pink Razr (I qualified for a free upgrade, so I figured I'd better take advantage!), and it took me forever to decide what to get. :p

Zelia said...

lovely buttons!

i have a nokia e75. its with a keyboard but also like a normale phone, i love it, and you can go on internet easy.

Sal said...

What a great haul! And I love how the bangles turned out ... now, of to track you down on Twitter.

heartofpearl ♡ said...

i wish i could be bothered and talented enough to do some DIY projects of my own. i have so many ideas and know what i want but never ever get around to doing them. I think i just need to make a clean spacious and motivating work place. any tips? :(

with phones, i have nokia n95 8gb. personally i love it bcos i can write down all my to do, and want lists on my notes application and what i need to do on the day with the calendar. so many functions but i know i dont use all of it. its a little bit of a waste for the price. although one downside of my phone is the battery life is the worst ever. i have to charge evry night. my sister + her bf have iphones and they seem to lv it! i want my contract to end !! i am eyeing the blackberry.. for more email and net use!! x

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. said...

'love the dress form, I definitively 'have to find one myself!!!

Sarah, Auckland