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Calm before the storm: Day 1, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

So I took myself off on a little hiatus, albeit a rollicking, intoxicated one for a couple of days to gear up for fashion week which begins today.
I'm catching up with Imelda later on to attend a couple of events, and as I now can tweet from my phone should be able to keep you all up to date with the front row action.

Telstra have very kindly sponsored me with an LG Xenon and a Telstra Next G wireless card for the next five weeks, right in time to get me through fashion week. It means that I will now have the blog with me where ever I go(kind of strange!) but it should also mean more regular updates.
I'm just trying to work out how to use TwitPic (not exactly intuitive) so that I can pop up photos from all the events etc this week. I think I need some help from the IT Department, aka His Lordship.
p.s- I twittered a lovely little quote from my friend earlier- 'Chocolate for breakfast, champagne for dinner, living the dream....' and so far today it is decadently true. Behold the evidence. Eeek!



FriendInFashion said...

Sounds like fun - look forward to the updates!

lulki said...

love the shoes lady melbourne! also if you decide to part with your pink top i would be more then happy to take it off your hands xxx

Anonymous said...

You look stunning and youthful today.
Looking forward to your tweets!

Cotton Socks said...

love the flower arrangements!

HoneyBunny said...

You look wonderful! Love your skirt and those shoes! And wow those flowers are amazing!

Apple Daisy Girl said...

what fashion shows are you going to? im going to, the designer series sshow; 2, on Wednesday and to the miss green garden party on Sunday :)

xx. A

peacetoall said...

Looking forward to hearing your take on things. Have fun!

WendyB said...

I like that candy-eating photo!

FashionAddict said...

Gorgeous outfit, especially those SHOES!!! And chocolate is appropriate for any meal, right?

LULUSTAR. said...


Anonymous said...

I really like today's ensemble, and that beautiful Tea Cup. It's really amazing. Also, your flowers look divine!

Have a really splendid Fashion Week Lady M!

<3 Xx

Little Bo Peeep said...

Woah your outfit is GORGEOUS.