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Spirit of the Black Dress launch: Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Day 1

Lady Melbourne and Andy Tsang, finalist in the Spirit of the Black Dress event
Amazing creations from the finalists...

Leigh Buchanon, Mark Pace, Andy Tsang and Tammy
Anthony Capon from the current season of project runway, LM and Leigh Buchanon, last years finalist for project runway and this years entrant into the Spirit of the Black Dress.

So tonight was the kick off of Melbourne Spring Fashion week and it did Melbourne proud in the form of events all over the city.
First of the rank was the launch of the Spirit of the Black Dress event, which was terribly chic and suffice to say the entire crowd was in black.
Melbourne is a city obsessed with black, so it was interesting to see designers from all over Australian interpret how they saw a modern day version of the dress.
Th exhibition is on at Georges on Collins St for the duration of fashion week, I would urge anyone in Melbourne to visit and take a look first hand at some superb craftsmanship.
Before hand I was lucky enough to catch up with Patty Huntington, Imelda and Bryan Boy before we all parted ways to head off to various events. Such is the life of a blogger- we were all either taking photos or on our phones twittering the whole time!
Lady M and Patty Huntington- idol alert!Lady M and Bryan Boy



God Made Me fuNky said...

love what you are wearing. Is it a skirt over a dress or just a dress.

Suzanne said...

you look amazing! gorgeous top and great shoes.

Anonymous said...

OH you look incredible! SO lucky meeting Bryan Boy!

It's weird I don't like Spring FW all that much, guess it's probably because I started going when I was 12 and just got sick it :( I'd love to attend the events though.


Annie said...

BB!!! Aaarrrgggghhhh!

Anonymous said...

I love what you're wearing Lady M - so entirely chic!

It's a really interesting concept for a fashion exhibition - I only wish I was coming down this week and not in two weeks time :"(


Bucca said...

Great post - love what you are wearing.

peacetoall said...

You look so glamorous in the lace dress. Must check this exhibition out.

Cheryl Lynn said...

You look fabulous as per usual!

Glad you had a good time.

Black said...

Great photos. I love the photo of the dresses all in a row.


Pretty Little Pictures said...

Looks like you had an amazing time Miss Melbourne :) Lovely photos!!

Missy said...

gorgeous dress lady M!!
the event looks like so much fun!


Very cool event!
The black dress is the best feature of every woman's closet!
And you look so sexy in lace!!!

You are so great!

sue said...

you looked great - looks like so much fun


FashionAddict said...

Wowza, that dress (or is it a top and skirt?) is to DIE for! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

mom & son said...

you're so lucky to watchthe fashion week plus meeting up with the famous bloggers!

Anonymous said...

loving the lace!!!!


Great photos, You look super tall in the first pic :)

Lovely outfit, as always though!

make believe said...

You are gorgeous! And what a week it was in Melbourne! soooooo good to meet you sugar!

The Princess & The Pea said...

I'm almost religious about Project Runway and was excited to see you out and about with Anthony Capon who has to be the stand out this year.