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Happy Friday!

Sex and The City plays on Foxtel here in Australia continuously and lately they've been showing series 3 and 4 which are my favourites, along with the end of series 6(Carries clothes in Paris!).
In series 3 and 4 Carrie starts to wear more vintage, floral dresses and of course the flower corsage.
I was going to keep this dress to sell at the next Round She Goes market, but after watching an episode the other night where she is wearing a mauve, floral, vintage dress with huge gold belt I felt so inspired I decided to alter the dress and keep it.
I tried in vain to locate a picture of the dress but no matter how many SATC references I typed into google it turned up nix. I think I've narrowed it down to series 3, episode 37, 'Drama Queens.' If you know what I'm talking about leave a comment!
What I did discover however is the influence Patricia Fields and Carrie's wardrobe still holds, more than 10 years after the show began.
This is what my dress used to look like, I've lowered the neckline and taken the hem up. I might get sick of it which is not unusual for me(!), but as Spring has arrived in Melbourne it's sitting very pretty in my wardrobe.
Dress: Savers, $12. Read it and weep.
Leather heels: DFO Tony Bianco outlet
Necklace worn as belt: Vintage Chanel
Earrings: London market
Bracelet: Diva




Foxtel is making me resent SATC.... less is more foxtel!

Suzanne said...

nice dress and cute with the belt!

Miri said...

I love Sex and the City too... especially the marathons on a sunday morning.

I quite like the fashions in all the seasons, especially when stuff from season1 and 2 are re-used later on (and even in the movie!)

Laurel said...

It's a very cute dress.

My friend recently copied the whole series of SATC for me as a gift.

I watched it from start to finish - it is one of my guilty pleasures. Along with Gilmore Girls ...

I've never commented before but have been reading for months. Your blog is lovely x


God Made Me fuNky said...

I loved the dress the first I saw you wear it and was so glad that you weren't able to sell it more the second time with the alterations.

Glamour Bbey said...

Lovely dress!

Rosie Unknown said...


peacetoall said...

The blue dress is fabulous on you!
Looking forward to the new movie!

Le Tasché said...


Ms. B said...

Such an awesome deal on that dress, it looks gorgeous on you!!