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Haji Lane

I met the delightful Stephie from Fashion Nation on Friday night at the awards ceremony who was a fellow nominee.

She asked if I would like to go out for a spot of shopping and some tea and who was I to refuse a day's shopping with one of Singapore's biggest bloggers?!
First stop was Haji Lane and I have to say you were all right- I loved it! It had the best shopping in Singapore in my opinion for the following reasons:
1. You could buy local designers
2. It was inexpensive
3. They had vintage and quirky home wares stores
I found some amazing little boutiques like Soon Lee, Collage and Dulcetfig where I did most of my shopping.
There was a divine top in Collage that I didn't buy and now regret it so if you are in Haji Lane, pop in and look for a long line, cream t-shirt/singlet with black ruffle netting on the shoulders. Divine!

This is a peek inside Soon Lee:

Stephie told me that graffiti in Singapore is virtually non existent so this stencil was quite rare. I can't say I saw any graffiti while I was there, it's one of the cleanest cities I've visited.

So here is a peek inside Dulcetfig which is run by Lovie Wong who was in the shop when we were there.
She has three cats that wander around the shop and just added that quirky 'X' factor to Haji Lane.

I pretty much could have bought this entire rack of vintage or re-worked vintage dresses. They were so pretty, the prints were retro but bang on trend. God knows where Lovie finds them, second hand or vintage clothes are really hard to find in Singapore because according to Feng Shui principles they don't believe in wearing recycled or second hand clothes.
I wondered if that is why so much of the 'vintage' that I found(all of two shops) was re-cut in order to make it new again? Jump in and tell me what you think or know!
The dresses I bought hanging up in the change room. You can see them but I had cats milling around my feet. So cool.



heartofpearl ♡ said...

looks like a load of fun! would love to go to singaporeee but i want to go with a local for the best places hehe :D x

Apple Daisy Girl said...

that cat looks like my cat :)

xx. A

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like you had so much fun! I love your dress


I'm so envious! I'd love to visit those stores! day!

Cheryl Lynn said...

You obviously did have a wonderful time in Singapore! I wish I looked as good as you when shopping! That dress is adorable and so are you.

Have a great day, my dear.

RetroJetGirl said...

omg I WANT those cat hangers, they're soooo cute!!!

I was thinking, hmmm, I'd have bought that purpley-coloured dress... then you said you did! hehe...

NINE said...

love the outfits! and I love your blog! xo

elena-lu said...

lovely times!
you looked fab :)

handmade romance said...

OMG i want those cat hangers - adorable! x

Denise said...

you girls looks so pretty, and those dresses looks great and the colors and prints are beautiful.

I Am Denise Katipunera

loviekai said...

Hey Phoebe,

juz wanted to drop in and say hi =)

glad u enjoyed your stay in Singapore and it was a pleasure to meet you!


Sam said...

Anything cat related has my vote - those cat clothes hangers are gorgeous! is the real life pussy cat! I found your blog through wee birdy - it's lovely! :)

Howard said...

Haji lane, IS THE GREATEST. I picked up some awesome shirts which would of cost me like $200 at Incu.

Arielle Antoinette said...

I Heart Haji too! Hehehe.. and I thought that you may have enjoyed that kitty katty shop that I spent most my money in too...

btw its Grace from

I'm having troubles trying to post a message (don't know what to use... MR. GADGET!!!)

Teresa/Bruce said...

oh! I <3 Soon Lee too! The clothes in there were very nice and reasonably priced too. I <3 Haji Lane! My most favouritest place in Singapore.

It was nice too meet you last week :)


Megan said...

This makes me want to travel again!