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Luck be a Lady

In between packing for my trip tomorrow I'm playing dress ups. I adore this dress!

I don't have a lot of time for words today but thank you kindly for your iPod suggestions, I think I'm forming an opinion on what to buy!
Dress: Leona Edmiston
Heels: Urban OG



georgina. said...

wow that's a beautiful dress! i must say that leona edmiston makes amazing dresses

love the blog :D

Miss Erinna said...

My goodness that is a beautiful dress! The skirt is so lovely.
Miss Erinna

Moon said...

the dress are absolutely awesome!! lovin it!!

Louise said...

Lovely. Is that from a recent collection or an oldie but goodie?

Anonymous said...

WOW! That dress is simply divine Lady M. It's so frilly and pretty and just... amazing!

The first photo is my favourite.


¶ M said...

oOh that dress is simply so gorgeous! & the lady in it is so pretty :)

Suzanne said...

wow, gorgeous dress!

peacetoall said...

Gorgeous dress and you look gorgeous as well- love that hair swept to one side over the eye look.

FB @ said...

I am SO doing this when BF is gone to work

Dressing up, taking pics... I just need to figure out the right angles for light in my apartment

Melody said...

That dress is so beautiful!!

Peaches and Cream said...

Wow you look really gorgeous! Hope the trip goes well, have an awesome time!

Rosie Unknown said...

I can see why you love the dress, it is amazing!

have a safe trip!

flair to remember said...

looking stunning!!
love the first shot :)


Cheryl Lynn said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! You look stunning!


Anonymous said...

Splendid dress! The tulle is so beautiful.


Mizzsharon said...

Awhhh That's such a nice dress!!!!
Have fun in Singapore!!!
Remember to snap snap snap and blog blog blog! =)

Anonymous said...

beautiful dress!