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Should I jump on the iPod bandwagon?

Many years ago, I owned an iPod mini. For those too young to remember(and I don't blame you) it was the first generation of iPods.

They don't make them anymore.

I think that says it all, yes?

Anyhow, as I'm off to Singapore in a couple of days time, I've started to think about all of the shopping I will be doing and it occurred to me that this may just be the perfect opportunity to get back on that ol' iPod bandwagon.

I have no idea what to buy, where to start or even if it's worth it. Can I still get by with my Walkman and Janet Jackson tapes?

Help Lady Melbourne, please.
p.s- I received a new wardrobe today courtesy of Ezibuy and have a FlexiFlats give-away coming up. Lady loves you!
Dress: Second hand



B. said...

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Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

You'd not know it since I'm generally a technology freak, but when it comes to music give me a discman anyday.
I bought my iPod a few years ago souly because I needed something compact to bring my music overseas with me. It served me very well and because of the large capacity I was able to put movies on it and watch them when the TVs on our 14 hour flight didn't work!
I have the iPod Video which is now called the iPod Classic I believe.
I haven't used it a day since I got back home, relying on my CD player (yes, real CDs, I own them!) to do most of the playing for me.
More recently I bought an alarm clock that has an iPod dock, so my iPod lives there now and wakes me up each morning to the music of my choice. Far better than obnoxious radio hosts.
I do recommend it as a superior music playing device.

Lady Melbourne said...

B- No problem at all darling! I have left you a comment on your blog but I can totally vouch for Whooga, they are fantastic and 100% sheepskin.

Alicia- Right, thats what I was thinking, it would become a glorified CD player, like my microwave is a glorified clock! I was thinking of getting a dock as well but wouldn't want it to just sit there....golly these decisions we're faced with....;)
Great to see you on Sunday, I meant to tell you that I covet your skirt. Divine.

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Yes it was so lovely to see you (albeit briefly)! And thank you, the skirt was a very lucky eBay score! But yes, if it weren't for the alarm clock it would really be sitting there like a lump.

B. said...

Hi Lady melbourne!
Thank you so much for your help. You are the best! Not by chance you was the first we have added on our `pretty people` list in our blog. I am meeting the girls in Paris to delivery the boots and you will be hearing from us.

style of olya baileys said...

very nice dress hun!

Lisa Inglis said...

as someone who went against the current and bought a zune...mistake (damn you microsoft and your ill-conceived player!) i say go with the ipod. the software is far superior and all the little accessories and fun knick knack things are made to fit ipods.

Liz said...

I say go with iPod nano- they're compact, cute (candy colours..who can resist??),got awesome features (the new iPod nano got cameras!) and all those accessories.. I got 2 of them lol.. i love nanos better than other ipods,i reckon its more reliable. i had this ipod video 80gb and it died after like,1 yr and a half (just after the warranty ends dammit!! :( )

WendyB said...

I would pay good money to see you walking around with a Walkman (I remember when I got my first one of those back in the '80s! Tapes!!!)

Suzanne said...

great shoes!

RetroJetGirl said...

I got my 3rd Gen Nano (square one) in Singers & I loooooove it so much! it's pink of course!

I love your dress, those little arty circles make me think of planets in space :)

Girlwithshoes said...

I love my iPod, however I have now invested in an iphone. And I must sheepishly confess I am in love with it. It carries all my music. It's bulkier than the ipods you are considering of course, but combined with a phone... (which really is as much fun as everyone promises) that's more like a wee computer, I don't mind the extra weight at all.

ps. those shoes are divine.

qwerty_zoe said...

ipods are good but ive had two and once they hit the 2 year mark.. kaput! which is disappointing since i spent $500 on each. so i say it depends on how much you are willing to invest for 2 years. and make sure you back up your music

josephine said...

i can't believe there are people out there young enough to not remember the first generation ipods! we were still in mass-battery-consumption-walkman-territory all through my highschool years... i feel OLD!

having said that, i have an ipod nano (1st gen!) and an iPhone, i love both. my partner has the ipod touch which is also awesome.

The Danish Girl said...

Definitely get an iPod, it will make the music you love so much easier to access and enjoy... No more fumbling around with tapes, it's right there - with just a click!

E said...

Once you iPod you will never go back. I have an iPod touch which I adore...if it is possible to love an inanimate object. The new nanos are super cute too if you don't need to have all your music on you at once.