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Where should Lady Melbourne shop in Singapore?

I've had another donation to the cause (you know who you are!) and although I haven't raised all that much money, I have to say I'm really pleased that people are talking about this really worthy cause. Awareness is just as important as dollars for research so thanks a bunch for getting involved!

I am off to Singapore in a couple of weeks and I'd love to know where I need to shop. I haven't been to Singapore since I was 12(stop overs don't count!) so I really have no idea what I should see.
I've been told that shopping there is not like Hong Kong with its markets and quirky little shops, it's more about department stores and strip shopping.

I fell in love with Bonjour and Sasa in Hong Kong last year so if there are any beauty outlets I'd love to know where you think I should shop!

Closer to home if you'd like to win a day shopping with me at Melbourne's GPO then enter the comp pronto!



Renee said...

beautiful dress! I am sooo excited, coming to Melbourne tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Oh you're so lucky to go to singapore! Gosh was that photo taken today? The rain pretty much followed me around for the whole day! From home, to school, to home again! You look amazing and so lucky to catch some of the sun.

Sorry never been to singapore either :( but I love sasa, their own brand of nail polish is really good for such a low price!


Jay said...

Orchard and Scotts Roads! Predictable and obvious, but there's a reason for that - it's where all the department shops are!

Kahani said...

Hi Lady Melb, I'm Malaysian and while I'm not that familiar with Singapore shopping I do run a beauty blog so have some idea what beauty stores to hit up.

In Takashimaya on Orchard Road you should check out the giant Watsons for drugstore beauty items you won't find in Oz. Cheap thrills!

In the same building there's a (smaller) Sephora. Smashbox, Bond, MUFE, and the Sephora housebrand there are crazy overpriced. But the Hourglass brand, while pricey, is spot on and Too Faced isn't badly priced either.

There are also affordable Korean brands there Etude House (in Orchard Road train station) and Beauty Credit (not sure where check their sg site!).

Hope that helps. =)

Peppermint Patty said...

The Heeren shops on Orchard rd are amazing - there are a million malls, though, so you might have to ask to find the right one.

Madeleine Miranda said...

Ohh I don't know anything about Singapore, but I sure look forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your trip :)

E(ileen) said...

Lady, you're in luck -- born and bred Singaporean shopaholic here! (Residing now in sunny Sydney though)

You may have heard all the hype about the new shopping mall, ION. It's on the tail end of Orchard Road towards Scotts Road, across from Wheelock Place and Tangs, you can't possibly miss it. On the ground floor are the luxury shops but there are more shops above and below. As a rule of thumb the lower you go the cheaper it gets -- I think Uniqlo of Japan is in the building, as is Louis Vuitton's largest flagship Asian store (out the front, next to Prada).

For shoes I can't go past On Pedder in Ngee Ann City (the mainstay department store in that building is Takashimaya, that wonderful Japanese department store, but that's another paragraph altogether). They carry shoes, bags and accessories from all the big brands. In the same wing are boutiques like Marc Jacobs, Hermes, Gucci, Chloe, you name it, they've got it. On Pedder has a sister store called Pedder Red (both of which are from Hong Kong originally) where you can find fairly priced, lovely shoes of good quality.

Don't go past Takashimaya's shoe and bag department, it is the holy of holies... except maybe for Isetan Scotts.

Outside of the Orchard Road belt there is Arab Street, near Beach Road, where there is a string of burgeoning boutiques mostly along Haji Lane. Some shops to check out are Collage and Bianca. There are some secondhand/vintage shops along there as well.

In the same lane, there's also a great tea room/ice cream shop where you can have amazing flavours like salted caramel and teh tarik (literally 'pulled tea', but essentially milk and sugar tea).

Food-wise I have a zillion recommendations, but if you want to try some good quality local food in a wonderful environment, book yourself in at 11.30am at The Empire Cafe in The Raffles Hotel for some lip-smacking local food. For the best yum cha, try Lei Garden in CHIJMES, or the Chinese restaurant in Goodwood Park Hotel. You will love all these locations for the photo-taking as well.

Cupcakes -- Toast Cafe in the back of Takashimaya, or Marmalade Pantry, which is its mothership.

Drinks -- hit up Emerald Hill for some atmospheric, historic, sophisticated (or casual, depending on which pub you pick) boozing. I'd say start with Alley Bar, then move on to No 5, and peek into Ice Cold Beer for the novelty factor.

For great, cheap, local seafood, travel a little and go to Changi Village -- Tekong Seafood is the name of the place. Chilli crab is your friend, plus this delectable vegetable dish called "mani vegetable". Don't go to the rip off places like Palm Beach along the East Coast.

I could go on and on and on, you know. Hell, I should just go with you.

agathaversatileavenue said...

ahh,what a nice weather,dress and bike!perfect!

Sarah Jane said...

Gorgeous photo and dress! xo

Tash said...

I love Far East Plaza off Scotts Road in Singapore, it's full of small local designer boutiques, quirky jewellery stores and great shoe shops. It's also very affordable!

Have fun shopping!

Cox said...

great little shop stocking independent southeast asian designers

lovely shop stocking the the usual suspects- acne, apc, etc

amazing bookshop, next to Front Row

boutique in similar vein with Front Row

small lane with tiny cute shops but clothing selection is a little meh in my opinion, but u could come across some gems. however, secondhand store House of Japan is truly worth the visit.

check out Far East Plaza for a massive selection of tiny stores stocking clothing, shoes, etc. Also Hereen mall. it's fun to just stroll along Orchard Road, it's a shopping Mecca.

Denise said...

Hi LM, the most obvious place to shop is Orchard Road. They have two new malls recently added to this strip. One of them is called the ION which has a lot of new brands - brands that you don't see here in Melbourne very often.

You should also check out underground malls. It's really hot in Singapore and most areas are usually covered. If you go to City Hall railway station, you'll see that malls in the area are joined by an underground mall called City Link mall.

You should also check out some of the locally designer shops at Haji lane. It's around a little area called Kampong Glam and it's good for exploring too! You can also check out Ann Siang Hill, they have cool knick knacks.

Charisse said...

Stumbled upon your blog via Nuffnang! I'm a university student in Singapore, could give you my opinion on fab shopping places here! Aside from the much hyped over ION, I recommend Far East Plaza, it's slightly lower budget, but there is no compromise on style. You will find the wackiest cosplay costumes to outfits inspired by the latest trends on walkways here. The eateries at the top floor are good too, encompassing the national dish, Chicken rice! Arguably though, the best chicken rice I have tasted is at Margaret Drive, though be sure to get it from the shop at the first storey, not the second! Haji Lane, which is just next to Arab Street is a really cool hideaway that houses very awesome fashion finds, you have got to check this out! Other places you should check out: VivoCity, Bugis Street, Holland Village, just t mention a few :)
Hope you enjoy your visit here!

RetroJetGirl said...

Tried to post earlier...

Charles & Keith sometimes have really cute shoes and not too expensive.

Also there's a neat vintage toy museum which might be worth checking out, looks great but I never got the chance to go in the limited time I had there...

Jerine said...

We have Sasa in Singapore too. Excited?

Basically all the branded stuff can be found on Orchard Road.

BUT... if you're looking for one of a kind, vintage inspired, indie brand clothing, go to Bugis Junction. There are some local designer shops there which is abso-fucking-lutely fabulous.

Don't forget to treat yourself with some tea break by the Singapore river. There are some nice coffee shops that sell delicious cakes and cookies.

thalialouise said...

naaw jealous! im sure youll take lots of photos. have fun xox

Anonymous said...

If you like Bonjour and Sasa, I guess you will like Etude House. The shop is all in pink and easy to spot at Plaza Singapura Basement 1. Products are reasonably priced too. They have opened another one at Orchard Ion too under the tunnels

If you are not into Big Brands at Orchard, Jurong point is a good place too. I love the shoes and accessories at "That Shoe Bar". There are quite alot to shop for there too.
Website on how to get there:

As for the rest, alot of readers had already told you about Orchard Road. I believe you will like Haji Lane though.

Oh yeah not to forget,Fruit Paradise at Orchard Central will be good for tea. They are known for their variety of fuit tarts.

There are more but I guess your time here is quite limited. I have included the website for your reference too. I hope you enjoy yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Melbourne!

Try walking around Haji Lane for quirky finds. And for vintage stuff, check out:
(i) Granny's Day Out (3rd floor of Peninsula Shopping Centre)

(ii) Dust Bunny Vintage (15A Temple Street, #02-01)


EuniqYou said...

Hi Lady M!

Haji Lane/Arab street is a must go, which is near Bugis MRT station. At the same time, do check out the Bugis Street market for cheap bargains similar to the shops in Bangkok!

Besides that, if you are looking for sports wear & specs/sunnies, you can try Queensway shopping centre & mark-downs at the nearby Anchor Point Mall!

I reckon Charles & Keith is a good place for nice fashionable footwear, can be found in most places!

For your love for vintage items, there is no better than the Salvation Army here, other wise Haji (as above) will be your next best option.

Do visit Dempsey Road for good wine & tea places and also antiques!

Lastly, rem to enjoy sunnyisle Singapore in Sentosa!

Annie said...

I did a couple of topovers in Singapore in 07 with the family (three days and one day) and let me tell you, and btw, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Chilli crab by the waterfront. Don't know which one, but you REALLY owe it to yourself to go. It's beyond amazing.

s o h o said...

Hi LM,

It's been awhile since I've left Melbourne and returned to Singapore for good. While our bargain shopping can hardly compare to Melbourne's (Op-shops and I do so miss Camberwell Market), I do encourage you to try out the suggestions included above . Must see are ION (just because it truly is massive), Far East Plaza and Haji Lane.

I would be honoured if I could help a fellow nuffnanger . :)

xoxoxo ,

FashionAddict said...

So pretty, and your hair looks fantastic in that second picture!