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Black Out

I bought this dress in town at a rather non-descript shop and chopped off some rather ugly straps over the shoulder that is now strapless.
I love glossy, shiny eyes, but they are extremely hard to wear. I popped some Bobbi Brown lip gloss on top of my black, black lids and I love the effect, but it would never last a night out!

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Wikifashion said...

Wow, this look is so different to your usual style, gorgeous!


Yeah glossy shine is great...but I HATE the feeling, a whole heap of goop on my eyelid... no thanks!

Saying that, it looks great in your pics.

MeLo♥ said...

woahh love what u did with ur eyes =D sexayyyy

Uinisan said...

loved the changes you made to the dress... definitely looks heaps better without straps :) I could never pull off dark black will only make my eyes just smaller as I don't have depth to my eyes... boo~~~~

MannequinMe said...

That close-up photograph is beautiful! But I agree with ALWAYS CHASING; don't think I could cope with lip-gloss slicked lids. Very cool though!
PS Hot boots, LM!

stilettostetico said...

Wooooow the contrast between your Dress' black tones AND your porcelain skin is Astonishingly sublimating, AND I really like the way the "Lady caressing her Heels'Fetish posture" declines itself with a lot of Haughty Gracefulness with you !!!
ps : The carressing play of light/shadow on your bare shoulder achieves to create a Mesmerizing effect . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Kelvin said...

this dress is beautiful:)

Lady Melbourne said...

Wikifashion- thanks, I do like to change it up a bit!

ALWAYS CHASING- don't worry, I wiped it off after the photos were taken, it was too annoying. Shame because it looks amazing!

MeLo♥- thanks, its really easy to do :)

Uinisan- oh no! But then I could never pull off really pale or white eye make up which I'm sure you could perfectly.

MannequinMe- ha ha, it's not easy, every time you blink your eye lids sort of stick together, its yuk! Pity because it looks so good.

stilettostetico- thank you Antoine, I had not thought of it in that light!

Kelvin- ta!

HoneyBunny said...

Wow, you look stunning~ The makeup is so so perfect and I love the shoes<3

Melbournian Girl said...

Where are your shoes from LM? They are fab x

Rosie Unknown said...

I think this may be my favourite of al the outfits you have posted. And I adore most of your outfits.

Friend in Fashion said...

The smokey eyes look fabulous!

Have you entered my fashion giveaway to win a custom made dress yet?

szela said...

those heels are TDF and your eye make up is fantastic. loooove your whole outfit! just gorgeous. :)

FashionAddict said...

I finally found heels similar to those :) You look great, and I loveth the makeup.

Cheryl Lynn said...

WOW! You do glam Rocker-Chic really well! Those eyes are stunning and I love what you did with the dress. Add the swinging hair and the platform, stiletto boots, and BAM!

Have a great evening.

Charlie said...

What a sexbomb!

Meldee said...

Goodness gracious Lady M you ARE smouldering! I love the look, and as some of the bloggers said, it's different from your usual look--and I love it! <3

Arissa said...

Look who's monoxious tooo~!!!!

love it~!!


Lady Melbourne said...

HoneyBunny- ooo thanks!

Melbournian Girl- I got them online at I believe they come in a teal colour as well.

Rosie Unknown- ha ha, thanks doll!

Friend in Fashion- thanks!

szela- thank you!

FashionAddict- they're pretty hot heels I have to say :)

Cheryl Lynn- Hey Cheryl, well if anyone knows hot shoes it's you!

Charlie- ta!

Meldee- thank you, it's nice to mix things up a bit :)


myli said...

i like it with the strap actually, i think i know the shop =)