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Lady Melbourne's Beauty Regime: Face

I don't fit a lot of beauty into the blog, but not because I'm not obsessed with it, mainly because I don't have time and it's not the focus.
However, I do get asked all the time what I use on my skin, so I thought it was high time I did a comprehensive post about my daily/weekly skin care routine.

Mother Melbourne has such sensitive skin that she uses Johnsons Baby shampoo, washes her face with water and moisturises with Nivea. She has beautiful skin, and that's the example I was given growing up. Skin care doesn't have to be complicated or expensive, you just have to find products that work for you.

Added to that:
No smoking
Drink plenty of water
No sun baking
Plenty of exercise

I won't get all holier than thou on you because I have broken every rule above over the years(yes, every rule!), but I do live by them now and it has improved my skin 10 fold.

Ok, here we go!

STEP 1: Weekly Exfoliation
I use a product by the skin care range 'Uber' called Pure Gel Exfoliant. There are no granules, it's a gel that works in a similar fashion to micro-dermabrasion. Once a week is all you need, you will quickly see after massaging it into your skin the dead skin slough off. I wouldn't do this every day!

STEP 2: Twice daily face wash
I developed oily skin when I was about 11, and had acne well into my teens and beyond. Hard to believe but it's true and I suffered with it for many years.
I discovered Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wash when I was 16 and I've used it ever since. Although I don't have acne now, it still works for my skin and I use it in the morning, and to take my makeup off at night before bed.

STEP 3: Vitamin E oil to combat ageing

After washing my face I dab on Invite E pure vitamin E oil just under my eyes. You don't need much as it's highly concentrated.

STEP 4: 30+ Moisturiser everyday

I do not leave the house without 30+ on my face. I repeat, I DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE! I can't stress how important using a moisturiser with 30+ minimum is to protect your skin from sun damage, the risk of skin cancer, not to mention as an anti-ageing device. I use either Hamilton or Olay Complete Defence 30+ moisturiser.

And face!
Here it is, no makeup, no photoshop. This is what my face looks like everyday before I apply any make up.

I hope this answers some of your questions on my beauty regime, really I just use 3 products daily on my skin, and the exfoliation gel weekly. That's it!



Wikifashion said...

Thanks for the post, it's really nice to see such a simple routine. Mine is very similar, I only use QV wash twice a day and aloe vera gel as my moisturiser.

angelaseeangelablog said...

I love hearing about other people's beauty regimes. I use Cetaphil facewash, St.ives face scrub once a week, Sinoway herb mask (amazing stuff I bought from china) and neutrogena ultra sheer sunscreen.


Jasmin said...

Beautiful!!! Love it. Thanks, for sharing.

Jetsetting Joyce said...

Good lord, you have flawless skin!

I have sensitive skin and use everything Aesop - I could start my own shop :) I've managed to convince my other half to start using Aesop too, although he still thinks sunscreen is only for when he's playing sport or going to the beach.

Jetsetting Joyce

Fashion Tidbits said...

gosh you have stunning skin!

Flit About said...

You're beautiful, Lady Melbourne! Don't you use a face mask? I am very happy with MD Formulations and recommend that to everyone who isn't blessed with gorgeous skin! And I try to live by your rules as well, it is so important! Slip slap slop isn't that the Aussie expression?

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

You do have beautiful skin. I am always interested in products people use. Often I see old ladies with the most amazing skin and when I ask them what they use, they say Nivea or Olay or nothing! But they do often comment their mother had lovely skin and they didn't go out in the sun. I agree you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy good skincare. I do spend a lot on vitamins as I believe it's internal as well. Rosehip oil is another great cheapie product. Glad I found you through your Peppermint spread. xx

Andi B. Goode said...

I really need to find a better face wash. I may see if I can find that one - it sounds great. I always love seeing other's beauty regimes.
-Andi x

Uinisan said...

thanks for sharing your beauty routine and I'm glad it's real easy with the emphasis on protection and prevention...that's definitely key to great skin :)

Style Seduction said...

You do have lovely skin my dear, it glows!

Grant said...

OK - between you and Porcelain Blonde I've been chastised as much as I can take now! Tomorrow I am going out to find myself a 30+SPF moisturiser!

I promise!


PS. You look great :D

thevintageyear said...

Ah, moisturiser with a sunscreen is genius!

Also, where do you find the vitamin E oil? Is it readily available?

Lady Melbourne said...

Wikifashion- simple is best I think!

angelaseeangelablog- ooo our regimes sound the same! I love to hear about what other people use as well :)

Jasmin- no problem!

Jetsetting Joyce- Aesop has been recommended to me on numerous occasions cos my skin is oily. I have some hand cream that someone gave me last year and I love the smell.

Fashion Tidbits- thanks but I haven't always, it was a nightmare when I was a teen.

Flit About- how funny, yes that is the saying!! Slip, slop, slap!

Josephine Tale Peddler- vitamins and rose hip oil are essential as well! I used Rose Hip oil for a couple of years before getting onto vitamin E. Either or are good I think. Kosmea is a great Australian brand for rose hip oil products.

Andi B. Goode- you can buy it in supermarkets or Priceline.

Uinisan- you are so right- prevention is the main key in my skin care regime!

Style Seduction- ta!

Grant- we wouldn't say it if it didn't work darling, and of course we just want the best for your skin ;)

thevintageyear- you can buy it plenty of places, Priceline, pharmacies, perhaps even some supermarkets. The link is in the post, that might help :)

she will have her way said...

Ooooh! Where can you buy the tea tree face wash in Melbourne? It sounds like something I could do with!

Miss Emmi said...

You look amazingly gorgeous even without makeup! I am terrible about remembering to put sunscreen on, which I know is awful given our climate. I'll have to put a post-it note up somewhere.

Mui Yen said...

Thanks for sharing! I've always admired your flawless skin. I take comfort that although you had acne and oily skin, it turned out great. I'm still suffering from oily skin and breakouts :P

I use Simple facial wash, weekly scrub, moisturiser with SPF15 and night moisturiser. When needed, I use tea tree oil and rose hip oil.

I definitely should drink more water and exercise!

Anneliese said...

Thanks for posting this - you have such lovely skin which I am seriously envious of. I have feral pimples all over my face and I was told by my doctor to use Cetaphil, which I've used for months and isn't working. Thanks for the face wash recommendation! I'll definitely give it a go.


Rosie Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! I have to admit though, I am interested in how you manage to not have dark bags under your eyes. I'm still in my teens, and I have had them for years.

Peaches and Cream said...

Great photos! Good advice, too - I am wondering where you can get that Uber exfoliant, it sounds really good??

Humpty Dumpty said...

youve got lovely flawless skin :)

handmade romance said...

you have the most amazing skin! thanks for sharing your products and routine. nice to know its a simple one : )

Lady Melbourne said...

she will have her way- Try Priceline, but some supermarkets and pharmacies sell it.

Miss Emmi- put up that post it note girl, you won't be sorry!

Mui Yen- I know your pain believe me. It was just terrible in high school, there were days when I didn't want to leave the house. I guess all I can say is that it will get better, it will just take time.

Anneliese- Try it and see if it works darling, every product is different on individual skin types. It's tough and it took me a long time to work out what to use. I know how you feel.

Rosie Unknown- Ha ha, I sleep. A lot. 8 hours a night, even if it means going to bed at 10.00-10.30. It's not often that I can but I'll nap too if I'm tired. H.L says he's going to get me a t-shirt that says 'I Love Sleep.' ;)

Peaches and Cream- I buy it from a shop on Sydney Rd in Brunswick, right at the beggining of the strip. It's a beauty outlet, and I'm not sure what the name is, but it's next to 'True Blue Shoes' factory outlet. It's at the counter behind the glass and is roughly $15. They tell me it's worth $50 but who knows!

Humpty Dumpty- why thank you!


Shannon said...

Wow, so many other people who have a simple skin care routine. I use cetaphil and Olay 30+ and I'm anal about not leaving the house without it - in Australia you just can't do it. I have a Mary Kay mask and Mary Kay microdermabrasion that I use weekly (on different days).

Thank you for your skin care post - I always feel like a bit of a voyeur asking what people use on their skin, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is curious.