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Check out my phone crystalised by Mayumi K!

Last week I met up with the lovely Mayumi from Mayumi K Crystal Decoration and handed over my phone for a couple of days for her to work her magic. After flicking through her website I had a feeling that it was going to be great, but when she handed it over yesterday I jumped up and down on the spot. It's really hard to show just how sparkly the Swarovski crystals are in the photos but the phone is AMAZING and I love it!!
Thank you Mayumi for doing such and incredible job, I love, love, love my new phone!



FairyFiligree said...

I've never seen such an incredible design on a mobile phone. Chic to the last crystal. Prosit!

Suzanne said...

wow, so nice!

phonakins said...

I'd be scared I'd chip them off. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

That's fricking sweet :D :D

Rosie Unknown said...

As soon as I get a good phone, I am finding someone in my area who can do this.

Or maybe I will get my camera done...

diamondsinchampagne said...


Anne of the Mohawk Conspiracy said...

That is undoubtedly the coolest phone I have EVER seen. Lucky you!!

WendyB said...


Apple Daisy Girl said...

OMG when i get my new phone i am so going tog et it done, that is amazing:)

xx. A

georgina said...

wow! forget the jewelled clutch your phone is an accessory on its own!

Anonymous said...

LM - only you could make this look so incredibly tasteful and chic.

I've tagged you in all your fabulousness over at

Come visit me soon.


Velveteen xoxo

MannequinMe said...
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MannequinMe said...

Sparkles excite girls- your phone should come with a warning sign! This was very popular in Singapore... though it would be understandable if you felt dubious about leaving your phone at a random market stall to collect again in a few hours! I'd love to have my phone sparkled if it weren't for the fact that it costs more than what my current phone is worth.

Little Bo Peeep said...

your phone has been bedazzled!! :D looks unique.

Muza said...

my cell-phone wants it)

workhard said...

That is really lovely work...must have taken such a lot of effort..

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Lady Melbourne said...

FairyFiligree- I know it's crazy!

Suzanne- thanks you!

phonakins- they are surprisingly resiliant, and Mayumi assured me it would last forever. I hope so!

ekerplay- ha ha, thats freakin aaawwweesommmmme.

Rosie Unknown- you should get Mayumi to do it, she's cheap from what I've been told and will post anywhere.

diamondsinchampagne- me too!

Anne of the Mohawk Conspiracy- thank you!

WendyB- I thought you might appreciate it ;)

Apple Daisy Girl- you should, her work is amazing.

georgina- ha ha, it is isn't it!

Velveteen Libertine- I've visited, you are so sweet, thank you!

MannequinMe- ha ha ha, it never occured to me to leave it with a stranger at a market! Mayumi is lovely, you can definitely trust her :)

Little Bo Peeep- ta, we designed it together.

Muza- ha ha!

workhard- I'm sure it did, it's worth every penny in my opinion.


Moon said...


this is like the best crystalised phone that i've ever seen!!

Il Mare Atelier said...

I never imagined a crystalised phone could be so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

This is all kinds of amazing! I've thought of doing this but have hesitated, but now I think I will!!