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A little Peppermint party!

Thats me and Dr.Jones who try as I might, would not show her face on camera.

Yesterday I hosted a little party at 'Insert Name Here' boutique to celebrate the summer issue of Peppermint magazine and my cover.
Airdrie and Eva Q were on hand to keep the party going and I am ever so grateful that they offered up the boutique to use for the day. Thank you ladies!

It was a pleasant mix of fashion, bloggers and family with champagne flowing all afternoon and plenty of green cup cakes made by yours truly that morning. I was so over icing 80 cup cakes that you could tell they were homemade(!), but I was assured that they tasted yummy.

Thank you so much for coming to one and all that attended, it was a great way to catch up with people in person than 'on-line' which is so often the case these days!

There are more photos coming from the photographer Patrik Nemes, I'll update this post when I get my hands on them.

Mark Pace and moi
Joyce from Mel: Hot or Not, and Alex from Ecofashionista

Nicole from Planning with Kids and her sister

Lisa, Angela and me
Kelley the editor of Peppermint Magazine's sisters Casey and Nicky.
That's His Lordship making his debut appearance on the blog taking our photo.



phonakins said...

Saw it in Borders today here in Canberra :) Might pick it up on payday!

Anonymous said...

Had a ball! And we KNEW that was lord melbourne! But we didn't want to walk up and be like "hey, are you Phoebe's partner? AKA his lordship"

Again, thanks for inviting me.


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Looks like a lot of fun - thank you so much for inviting me and if my current circumstances were different I would most certainly have attended to celebrate you! Here's to LM! x

Suzanne said...

love ur outfit :)

sophiehillartist said...

What a brilliant little party you had by the looks of things! The cover is amazing... I am still yet to get my hands on my copy of Peppermint, but I seriously, can not wait! You are truly such a doll :o)

That Vintage.

MannequinMe said...

Grabbing a copy tmr! What a handsome couple!


Peaches and Cream said...

Wow, can't believe you are on the cover of Peppermint!?! I love that mag! Congratulations Covergirl!

Jetsetting Joyce said...

Lovely to meet you yesterday M'Lady *curtsey* and congratulations again on your beautiful cover. I'm looking forward to lounging back with my copy of Peppermint over a cup of peppermint (haha) tea.

Jetsetting Joyce

PlanningQueen said...

The cupcakes were delicious! Thanks for a lovely afternoon.

thevintageyear said...

This looks so very glamorous!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Congrats, Congrats, Congrats to you, my Lady! That's just wonderful. I wish you much success! And I voted for you, my dear.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

heartofpearl ♡ said...

you look great lm! thanks for inviting me, would've loved to join in on the fun and the yummy cupcakes, maybe next time i will have a day off work! i hopeee x

workhard said...

Hey congrats.. u look great too..

Lingerie Blog

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that I couldn't make it darling, it would have been so lovely to come down, mingle, and offer you congratulations!

Looks like you had a splendid time regardless.

AND FINALLY!!! Lord Melbourne makes a cameo! Marvelous!


esme and the lane way said...

Congratulations again! I can't wait to pick up a copy, and have just voted for you :)


Ohh his lordship looks cute! Good work!

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Oh my goodness! A cover? You're unstoppable. And just how it should be. xx

Lady Melbourne said...

Chantelle- ha ha, I hope all bloggers end up as unstoppable!

Always Chasing- he'll love that, he's quite shy ;)

Esme- thanks doll!

Grant- one day there will be a party that we'll both get to!

Workhard- ta!

Heart- thank you doll, I hope work was ok!

Cheryl Lynn- thank you so much for all your support!

The Vintage Year- thank you!

Planning Queen- glad you liked them, I made them myself!

Jetsetting Joyce- it was a pleasure having tea with you too!

Peaches- I can hardly believe it either!!

Mannequin- aw,thanks!

Sophie- thank you!

Suzanne- Thanks, I got the dress in Singapore.

Alicia- It would have been nice to see you, hopefully next time if there is one! I've voted for you too :)

Angela- ha ha, he would have loved it I'm sure! It was lovely of you to come along :)

Phonakins- It's a good read, worth every penny.


Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

The Palace of Despotism was awash with tears that HRH was unable to attend. Unfortunately, I was scheduled to present the keynote speech at the AGM of the International Canning Federation. It went well.

SdV said...

congrats, the cover and editorial looks awesome =)
it was nice (briefly) saying hello to you right before the party. the cupcakes looked downright scrumptious, alas had to leave for errands!