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EziBuy comp winner!

Congratulations to Angela See, Angela Blog who's name was picked at random this morning out of one of my hand bags. I don't have any hats deep enough so a handbag it was!

Next weeks comp involves a book on Dior...dreamy!



Anonymous said...

OH YAY! To be honest I don't even remember entering since it was a comment entry thing and I comment on pretty much all of your posts.

Thanks LM!

much love,


G said...

Hi, just thought I'd let you know that if you ever get tired of writing out those names one by one and finding a handbag big enough to put them all in you could always just use a random number generator. Just Google it and there are a whole bunch of free ones you can choose from.

You just have to know how many comments there are in total and then the number generated should correspond to the winning comment. too easy!

♥akisa♥ said...

can't wait to see the Dior book!

Anonymous said...