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Housekeeping: Is your shop N.E.E.T Magazine worthy?

I'm contributing to the next issue of N.E.E.T magazine and this is part of an email dropped into my inbox from the editor:

'Pick 4-7 local establishments - vintage shops, thriftstores, independent fashion boutiques, independently run bars/cafes - anywhere that fits in with the idea of N.E.E.T.
We'd like a shot of the outside, and a couple of interior shots. You can be in the photos or not, the store owner can feature - it's up to you!

We'll need the full address of the place, and their website if applicable. And a few lines on each place - why you like it, what you can find there, perhaps even why the owner started the store, if they chat to you about it!'

Is this you? Do you have a hidden gem I don't know about?! I'm all into shopping challenges!
If this goes well I'll be looking to do other cities as well.

Just leave a comment of email

I know you're out there, please don't be shy!



Ellie said...

It's not exactly Melbourne... but down on the Mornington Peninsula I would be looking up Lavagirl and Reiffel Haircutters; they're run by a couple who are absolutely iconic and each run their own businesses...

JoolzGirl said...

Heya, definitely worth checking out are these two hidden gems: Blue Attic, 323 Lygon St East Brunswick, (so right up the top end of Lygon, nea the East Brunswick Hotel) and Curious Oyster, 158-160 Barkly St, St Kilda :)

Anonymous said...

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Nicole said...

Ooh, I have a vintage shop - do you think Circa would be N.E.E.T. worthy?

fireheart said...

I'm living in Tassie and recently discovered a vintage shop in Hobart. I've only been once and was too rushed to actually try the stuff and buy something but they have superb collection of dresses, fur coats, jackets, jeans! I can't wait to go back there... Will supply the name and address!

sedonia said...

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